Questions for WordPress Installation and Set Up

During the installation of WordPress, a few fields need to be filled in. All of these setting can be changed later on, but it is better to get them right from the start. The order of this questions is arbitrary, depending from case to case, but in general terms these are the first that come to mind…

WordPress Set Up Questions:

  • What is your main objective with the site?
  • I am always very keen on understanding what is the main purpose of a site. Is it general interest, an educational project, a non-profit, or a for-profit? Are you promoting something, or do you require e-commerce features. Have you quantified your site goals in terms of monthly visitors, turnover, or other metrics?

  • What is the title of your site?
  • The title of your site generally is the shorted summary of its content. It can be the domain as is in example. It could be the domain including its top level domain such as or, or a country tld such as Alternatively, you could choose a more descriptive title, but generally it should be short.

  • What is the slugline for your site?
  • A slugline can be interpreted as a subtitle, or a few relevant keywords explaining what your site is about. Wheter you think of an unforgetable slogan, or a generic desciption. It cán be changed later. It can be left blank as well, but forcing you to think about it, helps defining many aspects of the site.

  • What would be the ten keywords describing the (future) content best?
  • For Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes keywords are important. This is not the most urgent question to think about if you want a quick set up, but if you want your site to show up on your keywords you better start right from the beginning.

  • Will you be using your domain’s email?
  • The default user for wordpress is admin. During the installation, the websites superadmin email has to be set. This is best a third party email, to enable recovery. Your sites email could be used with your preferred username for authoring Posts and Newsletters.

  • How will the Posts be authored?
  • By default WordPress recognizes Pages, and Posts. Pages are more static evergreen elements, similar with traditional html pages. Posts are more dynamic, news messages, updates, or editorial contributions. These posts can be signed with the default admin (not recommended), the site’s name, or a specific author. Please indicate how the posts should be authored and if there is need more multiple users.

  • Do you have a site architecture in mind?
  • Often, a website contains static pages such as “About us” and “Contact”, “FAQ”, “History”, “Team”, you name it. Any information that is not time bound. Without having the need for content, the main structure can be created. Each page will appear in the websites permalink structure as in Think about how subpages could potentially form logic sentences or structures, such as

  • Do you have categories for your Posts in mind?
  • Posts can be tagged with keywords and categorised in categories. Just to get rid of the no value adding category ‘uncategorised’, we could start with adding just two or three categories. News, or updates could be, but better is the use of keywords. This will result in beautiful permalinks such as

  • Do you have content ready to publish?
  • For new websites you do not have to be shy or worried about typing mistakes. The firsts months you will not receive that many visitors anyway. Any relevant text, photo, video, or pdf-documents will help the sites development.

  • Do you have a house style?
  • Any existing logo’s or color schemes can be part of a house style, that we either respect, use as an inspiration for the design, or totally trow overboard. This is the first design related question, after several content related questions. This is for a reason. Content is KING. The most important feature of WordPress is that it contents and design are separated. The design can be changed, site wide, using themes. The most popular text editor Microsoft Word mixes up textual elements and design elements, that is why many people struggle and waste a lot of time on lay-out. With editing in WordPress that is no longer the case. You can make some minor on the spot changes in the text if you really want or need.

  • Have you selected or bought a theme to customize?
  • I do not design from scratch. There is no need to. On you can choose from 10000 (exact number) themes. You can search the database with free themes by selecting options, or search by keyword. Alternatively, you can buy a ready made design on themeforrest. Make sure the theme is responsive, and actively supported and up to date. I am glad to advise on themes, or suggest a few based on your desired look and feel. Colors can always be changed, technical elements sometimes come with locked in free or paid plugins.

  • Do you have a list of plugins or technical requirements that the site should have?
  • If you do not know specific plugins to enable certain features, I can help selected the right ones. If you have no clue what plugins are, that’s fine too. These are additional programs or pieces of software that you can insert or “plug in” into the main WordPress framework. By default I set-up the anti-spam plugin and a backup system.

  • Is there anything else that I should know?
  • The more information I have, the better I can understand your needs. Please invest a few moments in reviewing these questions and provide me with the corresponding information were relevant. This way, we can limit the number of communications and prevent misunderstandings. If there is anything you did not understand, please let me know, so that I can improve my information provided and clarify any issue right away.