I strongly recommend WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS) for websites.

In the past decade I experimented with several CMS after I started programming my first basic websites in pure static html…

I’ll better stop here. Not interesting to you. Just trust me, WordPress is the best. Do not waste more time and get your existing webpage converted to a modern, dynamic and responsive site.

You want that already, that is why you are on this page.

Get started with a domain

First of all you need to have a domain. At some later point, I may add another page on where and how to register domains, I may even include some affiliate links. I could write a book about domains, perhaps I will!

For now, I assume you have a domain registered and full access to its administration.

What we need to get done here is:

  • Have your nameservers set to forward the domain to your hosting space.


To be able to store your website and have it publicly accessible you need to rent disk space on a server with a hosting provider. For a normal site this should costs not more than 50 USD per year. You can acquire packages were domain, hosting and email come together and depending on your preferences you opt for monthly payments or a yearly fee.

I do offer hosting on my servers for a select group of premium clients that require an all inclusive Done For You (DFY) package. WordPress Hosting is available all over the place, so I am not even considering entering that market. But, if you want a fully managed website or implementation of your online marketing strategy, we should talk.

Hosting sorted?

  • 5 minute WordPress install
  • Some hosting providers can help you set up WordPress with a few clicks. Alternatively we follow the next steps;

  • Create a database, database username, and database password
  • Request ftp domain, -username, -password and -port
  • Upload WordPress via ftp using FileZilla

In case you have no clue what these bullets are about, no worries, just grant me full access to your domain and hosting account and let me set everything up.

Setting up WordPress

I created this page to support my Q&A process with clients that need a WordPress set up or Migration. All this information is very well documented, if you want I can send you a more detailed WordPress manual. This page is just a quick reference.

In summary you need to have two elements ready to get started with wordpress;

  • Domain
  • nameserver forwarding

  • Hosting
  • database- and ftp-access

Next (I feel a series of pages is coming up…) I will go trough the initial WordPress set up from a birds-eye perspective.

Continue reading with the Q&A section for WordPress Installation and Set Up.