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In 2004 I had my first programming experience, by taking a Mathcad course, this made me wonder how websites are made.

Developing websites has become a important part of my current activities, besides my carreer as an Environmental Engineer. ICT becomes more and more important, so there are many overlaps. I enjoy writing content, and I want to know how things work, that is how grew my interest. I started creating websites about angling. First in frontpage (html), later css and CMS such as joomla and WordPress.

My main focus is on developing my own online projects. Content portals, and software development for online publishing and document management. However for a small group of clients, I manage their online presence. Full development, starting with the concept, domain registration, hosting, and content management systems, as well as customization, search engine optimization and technical or content management.

I am not a designer. I apply existing lay-outs and customize were needed. My strength is with content creation and enabeling steady growth of visitors, fans or customers. For example, this site, was created with a standard template by wordpress.

Jeroen Houdijk – mail@houdyk.com

PS I am a registered freelancer at Upwork, please have a look at my Upwork profile.

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