The Foundation

Some two or three months ago I was watching a series of interviews with successful entrepreneurs made by Yaro Starak. The interview with Dane Maxwell, co-founder of The Foundation inspired me to check out his program. Yaro has great content on blogging and offers a course to become ‘the authority’ on your subject. I learned a lot here, but I will not take his course, because I think a great business should be able to run without depending on me being the expert.

The Foundation, formerly known as the software round table, is an online program to help entrepreneurs start a software business, with Software As A Service (SAAS) as the main promoted method to grow a sustainable business. The program is a six month online course consisting of the following modules or phases;

  • The Mindset of Entrepeneurship
  • Idea Extraction
  • Sketching the Solution
  • Pre-Selling
  • Building the product
  • Launch & Scale

I want to participate in this program. To make this possible, this week I will submit my application to “The Foundation Scholarship 2015“.

The Foundation Scholarship 2015

In the video below I explain in short what is The Foundation, and what are the three categories that are open to apply for a scholarship this year. These are; Action Driven, Influential Leader and Committed to the Core.

The Foundation Scholarship 2015 – Action Driven?

Last Wednesday I visited a presentation were I was able to meet my focus market. In another video I will show how I selected this focus market for ‘Idea Extraction’. It was a action driven day were I learned a lot about the problems related with environmental compliance.

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Mindmap and Youtube Video Channel

Last week I’ve uploaded two new video’s. In the first video, I explain How and why I use a Mindmap to set the outline for my youtube channel content. In this Mindmap video, I found four key themes that lead to Online Software for Environmental Business. For each topic I created a separate playlist and one playlist to list all the video’s together.

High Level Structure

The second video is about the new ISO High Level Structure. An interpretation of the Annex SL were the new default structure for standards is presented. Here I show the basics of the PLUGIN model for Environmental, Quality and Health & Safety Standards.

YouTube Channel

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel for videos related with Environment, Business, Software- and Web- Development. The following video’s are new this week;

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