Woocommerce for WordPress

I just added Woocommerce to this site. Woocommerce is an e-commerce solution for WordPress websites and it works awesome. By default several payment options are available. It can be used to build an entire online retail space, or just to sell a few products.

It is ideal for selling digital products. Including the service of a woocommerce implementation! So that is why I’ve added the wooccomerce suite to this site, here you can go trough the order system and find out for one dollar how it works.

Just contact me directly by email or trough the upwork platform for an implementation, or if you need help with your product listings. Glad to help you with it.

Oh, and for the Dutch… iDeal payments are possible too!

How to install a SSL certificate to upgrade you WordPress site to https ?

Do you wonder how to install a SSL certificate to upgrade you WordPress site to https and get that fancy green lock in your browser? I did not care too much about that. It was something for web shops. This year something changed. Google started punishing websites that do not have encryption and are accessible through the old fashioned http by displaying them below all https results. And that hurts.

The thing is that a certificate costed money, and it was complicated to install one. Not all hosts support https on a budget shared hosting account, so not only was it necessary to buy a certificate, also you have to switch of hosts and that costs time, trouble, and usually you have to pay more to access the higher service level hosting.

For the large part that is just as it is. Moving your website to another hosts that offers SSL certificates probably is the best solution. There is just one cool development to mention here, and that is the possibility to encrypt your website for free! Using lets encrypt at least you do not have to pay for the certificate. I will not go into the technical details here, because I hardly grasp the functionality behind it, but the important thing is that some hosts do work with this loop hole in the costly SSL certificate business.

For myself I set up a new server to hosts my own WordPress websites and for the lucky few clients that have a full service agreement, I am migrating their websites as well to enable https free of charge. If you have a WordPress site and wonder if you need to install a SSl certificate there is more news to consider. WordPress has warned that some plugins may stop working properly without https in 2018.

I better continue getting my sites done… You better ask you host now how to obtain an SSL certificate and if the answer is not satisfying start packing.

Managing Multilingual Content

Avoid managing multilingual content unless it is absolutely essential. Creating the content is at least double the work, or even more with several languages. Ofcourse an automated google tranlation is an option, but the output – without manual revision – will be full with errors.

Multilingual Websites using WordPress Multisite and Language Switcher Plugin - Manual translations are always better

Technically, once a multilingual content management system had been installed, publishing is easy, but keep in mind that every posts needs tagging and a category and even a meta-description for good search engine visability.

My first attempts of making websites in multiple languages did not work out well with static sites. Copying html pages, messing up the menu trees. Next, when I took over the administration of my fathers website, it was a static html page, made with frontpage. To convert its content to a dynamic content management system, I used joomla with joomfish, because at the time I could not find a properly working plugin for wordpress. I got it up and running, but I find joomla so hard and timeconsuming to work with, that I was glad to find a plugin for wordpress that does the job.

WordPress Multisite with the Language Switcher Plugin

I had the wordpress multilingual switcher first installed at my personal site. It requires a multisite installation of wordpress, linking clones of the framework in a smooth way. As mentioned above, publishing content in multiple languages is a tedious job, and it was preventing me from regularly posting updates, that is why I choose to only use english for my weblog.

For my fathers site now I could now set up and migrate the joomla content to the wordpress multilingual multisite installation. I am currently working on that, but you can have a look already. More on that site later.