AdWords. The Symbiosis between Client and own Developments

It is incredible. The things I learn from my clients. I apply what I learn doing consultancies in my own projects. Visa versa, the things I learn doing developing my own endeavours are directly improving my clients results in every following assignment. A great example is Google AdWords.

I hated paying for advertisements. I was radically against it. A few months ago, I compared it with using cancerous pesticides. Now I have seen the other side and doing well form the start. How different is that with Facebook Advertising. A steep learning curve, problems with installing Facebook pixel in WooCommerce and only access to existing clients. AdWords is much more intuitive.

I am not saying there is no learning curve with AdWords. Perhaps it is just because I am playing over a decade with AdSense, the publisher side of Google Online Advertising Vehicle. It helps to know how site publishers think and the other way around it is important to understand the advertiser’s perspective. For that reason, I finally accepted the Google coupon they were sending me occasionally during the last 10 years.

First impression of Google AdWords

The initial set up was dead simple. Only in a later step you get access to the full interface, that may be a bit overwhelming at first… You know what, I am not going to write yet another AdWords Tutorial here. It is easy to find good tips on implementation and optimization. The most important factors I found are the advertising strategy, ad copy, exact keyword bidding, account organization in ad groups with few related keywords, Click Trough Rate and Quality Score. Ofcourse, the landing page and product offer has to be spot on and in sync with your ad copy.

The most important factors to consider with Google Adwords are advertising strategy, ad copy, bid type, ad group organization, CTR and Quality Score
I did not exactly register my time invested in setting up and optimizing my first campaign. I can assure It occupied me during the last two weeks. If not logged in I cannot stop thinking on keyword optimization, audiences and so on. The good thing (for you) is that I passed through his process, so the next time I set up a campaign it will be straightforward.

Successful campaign for my digital product

At this stage I am still figuring out and optimizing various factors. A/B tests are ongoing, but for some keywords I have steady double digit Click Trough Rates with my ad copy. The product page itself has gone to some zillion revisions to optimize sales, but from the start, Google AdWords, is a profitable channel to target new site visitors that are highly interested in buying. For this single campaign it is. I can not wait to write ad copy for AdWords and set up campaigns for others. I am really exited about it and that is why I wanted to share my first steps into AdWords.

Do you think I should become AdWords Certified? I wonder how many customers really care.

Woocommerce for WordPress

I just added Woocommerce to this site. Woocommerce is an e-commerce solution for WordPress websites and it works awesome. By default several payment options are available. It can be used to build an entire online retail space, or just to sell a few products.

It is ideal for selling digital products. Including the service of a woocommerce implementation! So that is why I’ve added the wooccomerce suite to this site, here you can go trough the order system and find out for one dollar how it works.

Just contact me directly by email or trough the upwork platform for an implementation, or if you need help with your product listings. Glad to help you with it.

Oh, and for the Dutch… iDeal payments are possible too!

How I totally missed out on Woocommerce

Week 10, Monday
How I totally missed out on Woocommerce. Woocommerce came out in 2011. I tried setting up ecommerce sites in 2010 and said, no more! After trying solutions for WordPress, Joomla and Magento. There was just not simple solution available to build a platform myself, so I gave up on it. No more ecommerce for me! Never looked at Woo.

The WordPress platform is evolving rapidly. I was struggling with multilingual sites before, and ecommerce solutions. It was difficult back then, yet now there are so many solutions available that allow easy integration. It even became possible to use WordPress as a platform for application development.

Because of the clear demand for ecommerce integrations on Upwork, and my own need for a billing solution for my hosting services, I dived into Woocommerce today to check it out, and deep dived into payment integration with iDeal, the main online payment method in the Netherlands. Got it all sorted in a few hours and could receive payments in less than 24 hours. An amazing advance in technology.

woocommerceI set up the web shop for my personal finance information site, and prepared products for free distribution and sale. I receive great feedback and many downloads on a few cashflow excel sheets, so I prepared those for this trial. The ability to receive (recurring) payments is just one of the features that a Software as a Service needs to have, but an important one. It is part of the essential infrastructure. I am not sure if this is something that I should be outsourcing according to the lean bootstrap movements, but I think I should do what I am capable off, and outsource other tasks.
The marketing activities, content creation and dispersion on social media, are processes that I am refining and documenting now, to be able to hand these tasks over to an assistant. Step by step moving forward.

Wednesday / Thursday
Set up Facebook advertising against all my principles doing a test with paid advertising. Ironically enough the first paid download came from organic traffic… Time will tell what source of traffic works best.

Beans appeared.

Een bericht gedeeld door Jeroen Houdijk (@jeroen.houdijk) op

Paperwork, boring migration stuff I will not bother you with. Lasts day not to detailed logs, but the bottemline is that I managed to get a product out for sale that I created myself and that was just floating around on my (virtual) disks somewhere.

I plan to publish some kind of a faq section on WordPress stuff, coming up next. The coming two weeks will be a bit different because of family visits, so we will have to see when and how.