Google Ads in Bolivia #Expocruz2019

Dropping the hashtag #Expocruz2019 for business owners who are looking to do business in Bolivia.

I am preparing an exclusive promo for an Google Ads Account Audit for Expositors at the trade convention that will take place from 20 – 29 September 2019 in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.

Perhaps you will receive my letter. If you have trouble understanding Spanish, than definitely you will need my help to get things going in Bolivia.

Let me help you expand your business in Bolivia and / or Latin America as your personal Google Ads Account Manager.

Enjoy the Expo.

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

Sometimes things seem to make sense all of a sudden.

Last year Freelancing on UpWork has been a great move and I truly enjoy writing publicity, creating and optimizing advertisements. I was so focussed on that I did not do too much about my own website, so heres an update.

soil texture
Determining Soil Texture

I have some digital projects going on, and that is very interesting. Also, with my current consultancies I have client interactons and continous challenges that keep me sharp. But what was lacking is some real life action.

With a construction project we are starting in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, I will be able to apply best practise such as sustainable building methods and smart use of water and energy. I see great potential for this and that is were my marketing skills come in.

It all seems to come together. It is very early stage, but we could be at the start of a beautifull company here. It starts with building a model house. For that, I determined soil texture on the lot we have available for this. It is Clay. So we need to mix in Sand in order to build using Superadobe.

Im exited about it and soon will think of how to bend this site in such a way it all makes sense. Perhaps I need to change my slogan to something like Advertising for Sustainable Business? For sure when the time is right a new local site for this project will be created in Spanish. But I just wanted to share this update to keep things going.

Updated Contact Details

I just changed my contact details because we moved from Costa Rica to Bolivia. That was quit some trip. It took almost two months to get fully settled, but here I am in my new home office. All you need is a laptop? Well, stable internet is pretty useful too. That is why I spent some time in Starbucks last weeks.

I have lot’s of things to tell, too much to share at once. I’ll just start with getting those blogs coming again and week by week you will find out about all new endeavors.