How to become a Google Partner? Fast track to become one.

Google Ads Certified Consultant
After successful completion of the Google Ads Display Assessment this hurrah message pops up.

Things are going well with Google Ads consulting. After I obtained my Google Adwords Search certificate more jobs came my way and I steadily start building a portfolio of clients. I have to be selective in accepting new clients, to meet my Agency Goals of Advertising for Sustainable Businesses.

Yes. I recently upgraded my Upwork profile to Agency. How exited is that. Google is ‘just one’ channel for advertising. It is an important one. The thought came up to become google partner. It keeps popping up. So well, before I knew I found myself on the fast track to become a Google Partner.

What do I need to do to get my Google Partner Badge?

Getting certified for a couple of specializations is one of the requirements. Well, so far I passed my Fundamental Exam, and Search too. Merely because clients requested it I learned all about Display Advertising too. Here is my Google Ads Display Certificate. It is valid one year.

  • Google Ads Certification
  • Managed Ad Spent has to be over 10.000 USD in the past three months
  • Client retention and meet performance

Just as easy as 123 Isn’t it?

In your Google Ads Manager Dashboard you can see if you meet all requirements. I recently met the second requirement of ad spent too, so now it is just wait and see. Continue to show steady growth and deliver awesome improvements on the results for my clients.

How long will this take you recon? Future will tell!

Half way update on weekly blogging

How about transparency? Nobody is reading this anyway, are you? So far replies and comments are absent. That is ok. User generated content takes a long breath, I know that.

I skipped a week or two in this second weekly real logs series. That can happen to the best I assume. To jump back on the train here is a small update.

As you notice, I reached 10K visitors in December. The visitors dropped after that, as a delayed response to me not publishing anything during the month December.

After that, you see a gradual increase of visitors numbers to 11.359 for March.

The interesting element of this blogging experiment, is that I only do on site SEO. No link building whatsoever. This is organic growth as a result of content creation. I am curious how far this will go by simply publishing and not bother about the external hustle for incoming links, guest posting, all that stuff. I do not have time for that!

Of-course, any link love is highly appreciated. In fact, I think guest posting here would be interesting for you if you are reading this. Because this blog is going to rise and rise..

On the other hand, I noticed some of my sites have dropped in page rank, so perhaps the external stuff matters. I will consider that and come back on that topic. Later.

To stay a little more close to the format of this blog series of real logs, I will give a small report of this week.

Week 13/14

Currently I am looking for a position in Bolivia (of all places) because we plan to move back there in three months from now. I am applying to vacancies and contacting organizations that I could serve there. Any suggestion is welcome…

Furthermore – while being in the Netherlands – I am selling stuff that I still had in storage here. is the local, Ebay owned, portal were Dutch residents sell all there second hand things. It is a thriving market place. It made me realize that it is a wealthy place with so many quality items people just want to get rid off.

On the other hand, there is this oppressive social structure, maintaining large portions of the population in a so called poverty trap. For those depending on social security income, it is almost impossible to work a way up. Enough about politics, I prefer to stay far from that. For now.

Something else, I integrated advertising on this blog. Personally I find the automatically generated relevant ads from google a very effective method to monetize content. A website does need to have enough traffic before to even think about advertising, but I think with ten thousand monthly visitors it is worth giving it a try.

Alternatively, affiliate programs can be an option, but I prefer to focus on the development of my own products and services. Therefore, a low maintenance add solution has my preference, for this weblog.