Planning my SEO Blog Content Outlines

Three months ago a started blogging as a strategy to grow organic traffic to my homepage. My site has been up for quite some time and it has had several metamorphoses and purposes since. In another blog I will show some of the history of my site.

That brings me to today’s topic. The planning or outline of blog content. I have so many ideas for blog content, it is overwhelming. It is time to categorize and prioritize topics. The topics should be coherent with my long term objective, which is growing a mail list of readers that have a potential interest in management systems.

Topic ideas for future blogs

  • Document linking in Office 365
  • History of my website
  • Outline for blog content (this post)
  • This is why SharePoint sucks, shocking twitter research
  • My User Interface Experiences

The perfect customer

It feels like there is some need for organization here… Topics about blogging. These will connect me with other bloggers, and get my content out. The problem is the blogger public is rather technical. I do not want to reach nerds (although I will need a senior developer to do some hardcore coding), but mainly I want to reach potential customers.

So there has to be a topic on the perfect customer… If I just describe my perfect customer, this may be a way for them to find me, and helping me to connect with the right people.

I continue my thinking exercise with the next steps. I assume that publishing content over a six-month period will give a boost to traffic, but my goals is not to promote my personal site. I have something to sell… So in January I will shift my attention to my product launch site and reduce my post frequency here, to once per month or so.

Domains are like good wine, they need maturing.

So why do I put so much effort into gaining a following here if that is not my primary goal? Well, for two reasons. First of all, this domain has maturity, and is therefore easier to push up in the search engine rankings. Domains are like good wine they need to ripen, preferably with some logical content on them.

The second reason, is that on my personal site, I can blog about a wide range of topics, and it will still make sense. The topics on my product site have to be related with the product. This narrows the potential topics down a lot. Which is good, but that is a step further down my marketing funnel. This blog is like shooting a hail gun with content into the world wide web. Some topics or words will hit someone’s interest, many don’t. The key is to find out what topics may be of interest to my perfect customer…

…topics, that are indirectly related with my product.

While writing this post I realized that elaborating the profile of my perfect customer is the next most urgent important thing to do. I have various elements worked out in my mind, but putting it into words will help refining the content strategy for this blog, and help determine who I should approach on LinkedIn, twitter and… in real life.

Facebook is over

As you may notice, I do not mention Facebook anymore as an important channel to get new contacts in an organic way. I think it may be interesting for advertising, but I do not like how Facebook is filtering the content and contact suggestions I get served. Therefore, I will master blogging, LinkedIn and Twitter first.

If you are reading this, I actually would like to contact you. Please leave your email in the subscription box and we will stay in touch.

Recommended podcast:

This may become a returning item the end of each blog. A way to give some extra value to my readers. I am not promising to include a link to a recommended podcast at the end of each blog, perhaps it is better to leave this exclusively to my subscribers and put it in my newsletter.

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