Blogging with my samsung android tablet

It works! More or less. Today is thursday eight of september and I am in the middle of a field trip for my graduation project in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. From a hostel in Nosara, with the ocean waves crashing on the beach nearby. I sit down this evening to write a bit and fill some of my blogs gaps from the past weeks. It seems to be hard to publish something weekly. Perhaps I need to get used to the frequency, not be perfectionistic and just get something out each week.


As you see I am using the time stamp as described before to post a blogpost each tuesday after lunch. Funny enough I just finished to write the post that appears three weeks from now in the blogs timeline. It was the first post written completely on tablet. Headings and links are a bit complicated, and jugling fotos over the cloud from phone to dropbox, back to tablet and up to the server a little complicated, but… it works. Nice travel light and leave the laptop home sometimes.

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