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A blog, serious? Thoughts on strategic blogging

Since 2004 I’ve been doing websites, blogs etc. But I never really took up blogging serious because I found it more interesting to create information websites (about personal finance), of to write specific blog about fishing.

Now has been up and running for a while as my portfolio site, because, you know, you need to to have one. Or not? Who is actually reading or visiting this site> I have no clue.

I monitor my project websites, and try to understand were visitor come from and what they are looking for, but for my own site I do not even have a subscribe option.

Time to change that. Said it before, but now Im going to post a blog weekly… Until end of 2016 and evaluate than.


Profile ADNS - ZOOM - small

I just caught myself adding header 3 tags. Perhaps I should minimize the editing of this type of messages to make sure It does not take to much time. So sorry for the spelling mistakes in advance!

I put this new profile picture up to Linkedin as well. It was taken at the last course day of the master program Im following. Now I’m starting a six month internship with CIRAD as a graduation project. Looking forward to work with an association of organic farmers in Nicoya, Costa Rica.

As well I will write about ongoing online projects, such as the development of an Integrated Management System, and my first app clickable grid that is in the make.

For the last one, I posted a gig on Fiverr, to test the interest for clickable flowcharts and an navigable Organogram at Small and Medium Size organizations.

Enough for now. One photo, one link. Seems fair for one blog-post. Just under 300 words.

Until the next test.


2 thoughts on “A blog, serious? Thoughts on strategic blogging”

  1. Yes, now you can subscribes to updates of this website at my homepage, or directly at

    I know there are several newsletter tools, but for now I see no reason not to use the wordpress newsletter plugin.

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