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Why you must Advertise on Ecosia in 2022

Let me be honoust with you. You should not Advertise on Ecosia in 2022, it is better to start today, but the title of this post ending on ’22 will last me longer, you know. In two month’s from now we are entering a new year, and if I would use 2021 in the title of this blogpost it will be outdated in no time.

And the thing is. This is not a Hype. I do not do Hypes. This will be just as relevant in two months or two years from now. And those are centuries in terms of digital markering.

Here is how to advertise on Ecosia in a nutshell

advertising on ecosia with bing

You may say I am not an early adaptor. I prefer that others make mistakes with things that do not work. That is why I ignored Ecosia at first. It seemed interesting, but too small to consider something worth paying attention to.

Now there is a reason my interest for Ecosia grew again. People started using it. I can see ecosia popping up in the search statistics of certain websites. And that is cool.

If more and more people use it. It becomes more intersting to advertise on ecosia.

And that is what I do. I help sustainable businesses with advertising. And what search engine would be better to advertise for any Sustainable Business? Right! Ecosia, were the average visitor has a more than average interest in sustainability.

I think we have a match here.

Do you want to advertise on Ecosia?

Here is how to get started.

I grabbed a quick video on youtube were I take you trough the basic settings to focuss your ads on Ecosia.

If you need help with anything related with your ads, wether it is setting up targeting specifically to Ecosia searches, creating ads and campaigns, keyword research or making effective landingpages. Just leave me a message and I will be in touch.

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