Try bing ads with a google ads import

Try Microsoft Bing Ads. Simply import your successful Google Ads Campaigns and get extra leads almost for free

Try Microsoft Bing Ads! In an era where Google Ads CPC prices are rising to astronomic proportions it becomes less interesting to advertise on Google Ads for certain markets.

Before you start from scratch with Bing Ads you must know this. If you have a successful Google Ads campaign, you should try advertising Bing search engine, or Microsoft advertising, by simply importing your Google Ads Campaign into Bing Ads.

It works simple and the import is fully automated.

Literally by selecting a few switches and choosing the campaign and ad groups you want to import, you have a new marketing channel up and running in minutes!

By importing your already optimized Google Ads campaign in Bing ads you have just created a new cash flow generator in a breeze.

It works seamless. The platform basically works just the same. So usually the import goes error free or with minor incompatibilities in targeting audiences. Your ads and keywords will just get into place one on one.

Microsoft Bing Ads

The features of Microsoft Bing Ads are remarkably similar with Google Ads. I’d say it is basically is a copy.
Open your Bing ads manager and you will see a dashboard with the usual stuff: Campaigns, Ad groups, Ads, Keywords, and Ad Extensions. You can set conversion tracking with a piece of tracking code in a similar way as with google ads.

Something different are the Payment methods. Not only you can add your Credit card, also a bank transfer and PayPal are accepted. That opens some more possibilities.

Just another PPC network

• Bing search ads
• Bing display ads
• Bing shopping ads

How to import your Google Ads Campaign?

Let me show you how to import you google ads campaign in Microsoft Bing Ads in six easy steps. Are you with me?


Get yourself a Bing account and log in. When you create a new campaign you will see the option to Import your Google Adwords campaign.


Sign in in to Google to import your optimized PPC account in Microsoft Bing Ads. Its easy.

Import your optimized google campaign
Sign in in to Google


Pick your Google Ads Account to import in Microsoft Bing Ads and draw a funny picture with your other hand.

Pick your Google Ads Account to import in Microsoft Bing Ads
Pick your Google Ads Account


Choose the Google Ads campaign to import in Bing Ads. In this case I selected a Search campaign to import for a client.

Choose the google adwords campaign to import in Bing Ads
Choose the Google Ads campaign to import


You are almost done! This looks complicated, but you can just hit continue and edit settings later.

Ignore options and continue
You are almost done!


Select Now and Import your Google Ads Campaign. It is fully automated.

Select Now and Import your Google Ads Campaign
Select Now and Import your Google Ads Campaign

Now sit back and enjoy those extra leads

That is all! A piece of cake. I have done it a couple of times and besides a few minor errors it worked perfect for me. Literally just a few selections and hit import. Immediately you can start to get leads.

You might want to adjust budgets and reduce CPC bids because Bing is slightly cheaper.

The search volumes might be less, so you will just have to figure out if Bing Ads is working for you, but this import absolutely is a HUGE time saver, so worth a try.

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