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Hire a Freelancer (me) or an Agency (mine) via Upwork to take care of your advertising.

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Upwork is an innovative platform that brings entrepreneurs and freelancers together. A thriving marketplace were thousands of job offerings are fulfilled by an army of freelancers with a broad variety of skills. This is nothing like Linkedin. Here the real work is getting done. Every minute, every day.

Upwork started as Odesk some years ago. They keep a percentage of earnings from each fixed price contract or from logged hours. Yes, there is this big brother activity tracking app that takes screenshots while the freelancer is working. With hourly based contracts, activities and hours are being logged.

After almost two years of using Upwork both as a freelancers and employee, I must say the costs are worth wile because all billing (and reminders!!) are automated so there is no worry about getting paid or wasting time administrating payments. Upwork functions as a 3rd party to administrate contracts, and holds payments in escrow until work is completed as agreed, and is a practical communication tool to keep work organised.

There are some downsides.

Sometimes when you post a job you receive many under-qualified applicants and it is hard to find the right one. Therefore selecting and inviting a freelancer directly is often the best way to go.

Hiring an agency to get a team together or find the freelancer you need is an alternative too.

There can be time zone differences. But hey this is outsourcing. Is it really necessary to keep in touch with everyone all the time? Personally, that gives me stress. I prefer to schedule work and plan calls to live a balanced life.

Anyway I respond to enquirers within 24 hours. If that is not fast enough your business is in serious trouble and I prefer not to work with you. I’m sure you will find freelancers available to you 24/7 via whatsapp.

You will find the right person here, so give it a try!


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