The Power of Micropayments


Lifetime Subscription.
Includes all previous and future editions.
Price doubles every month.


Monetizing your website was never this easy. Use this guide as a cheat sheet to skip the learning curve and set up your working system in a single day.

The Power of Micropayments. How to create and own a self-hosted unstoppable cash flow machine

This very first edition of ‘The Power of Micropayments’ was soft launched in May 2019. It is sold as a lifetime subscription only. I started the pre-sale with an empty sheet of paper – and a promise – one month ago, for the most ridiculous cheap price I could imagine. 1 cent of a Dollar.

In this guide you will learn the essentials on how to build your self hosted money making machine to sell a digital product. In the most simple and effective way possible.

Today, 1st of May 2019, the price has doubled to a mind blowing price of 2 cents. I am pretty sure you can still afford that. But you understand were this is going. I
will double the price every month. In a couple of months it will be a little extra trigger for people to buy.

For some reason you are lucky and found my site this early. So the price is not an issue. Let me tell you what you will learn.

How a 37-year-old engineer was able to quit his job, move to the tropics, and retire early. Using a few simple open source tools – that helped him create a life style business that runs on autopilot – you will be able to do the same.

This is so fresh, I even do not have a sales page up, just this short description. The guide is still under development and every month I will add and expand sections. Here is a little grasp of what you will find inside.

  • What World of Warcraft has to do with Making Money Online (p.6)
  • The One Type of Image that will Boost your Sales (p.12)
  • Two Delivery Methods for your Sales Message that Work Today(p. 14)
  • The Single Most Effective Method to Receive Payments Online (p. 15)
  • Digital product examples you can sell repeatedly (p.20)

It is far from finished. I will put everything in it to help you monetize your website by selling your own digital product, but I can tell you that this little 20 page document is packed with valuable information that will help you skip the learning curve.

Each time I publish an update, you will get a notification for you to download it. On top of the dense information in the guide, were I describe in detail how to set up your system, I add the latest things I am testing and finding out today as I am replicating it, using my own guide so to speak. So we are into this together.

You are going to buy this guide, and feel good about it too. Perhaps you will even share this product page with your friends you consider wise enough to understand the power of Micropayments.

Join my list today and Feel the Power for yourself,


P.S. I ám going to double the price of this manual every 1st of the month. If you understand its value the price will remain absurdly low for quit some months to come.


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