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Scientific Advertising
By Claude C. Hopkins

This is a must read for everyone who owns a business or if you are an aspiring marketer. Originally released in 1923 and now re-issued as this Houdyk distribution under CC0 licence. Meaning you can use the text freely, copy it and redistribute or re-sell it in any way you like. I just appreciate the mention.

Because of the importance of this work for everyone who works in advertising Houdyk distributes this 2016 version at cost price for hosting and handling the download traffic of 510 KB per copy on our server.

This is a PDF version. No e-reader or e-reader-app required.

How Advertising Laws Are Established
The time has come when advertising has in some hands reached the status of a science. It is based on fixed principles and is reasonably exact. The causes and effects have been analyzed until they are well understood.
The correct methods of procedure have been proved and established. We know what is most effective, and we act on basic law.

Advertising, once a gamble, has thus become, under able direction, one of the safest business ventures.
Certainly, no other enterprise with comparable possibilities need involve so little risk.

Therefore, this book deals, not with theories and opinions, but with well-proven principles and facts. It is written as a text book for students and a safe guide for advertisers. Every statement has been weighed. The book is confined to establish fundamentals. If we enter any realms of uncertainty, we shall carefully denote them.

The present status of advertising is due to many reasons. Much national advertising has long been handled by large organizations

known as advertising agencies. Some of these agencies, in their hundreds of campaigns, have tested and compared thousands of plans and ideas. The results have been watched and recorded, so no lessons have been lost. Such agencies employ a high grade of talent. None but able and experienced men can meet the requirements in...


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