Quality-, Environment-, Health & Safety Standards

Historic development of Standards

In the 1960’s and ’70 quality standards were first developed as military standards, which ultimately led to the widely adopted quality standard published by the International Standardization Organization (ISO) in 1987 with ISO9000:1987 as its first version (The British Assessment Bureau 2015). In the early 2000’s, the environmental standard ISO 14001 started to gain the interest form many thousands of businesses (ISO 2013), followed by standards for Health & Safety with OHSAS 18001 reaching over 90.000 certified companies in 2011 (T.R. Fisher 2015). The standards for Quality, Environment and Health & Safety are Management System Standards (MSS). Given the ongoing growth of MSS, more and more business owners understand the importance of Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental (QHSE) aspects in the establishment of sustainable business (figure 1) and many clients and local governments require the formalization of the integration of MSS in the organization with the certification of the management systems (interviews with QHSE-managers).

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Compliance Software for Sustainable Entreprises

It is getting about time that I share some ongoing developments… I researched the possibilities on compliance software for sustainable enterprises and this is leading to the development of a prototype right now. With this weblog I want to summarize and share the steps I took so far. I am very exited about this and I hope to be able to explain and make you feel why.

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The Foundation

Some two or three months ago I was watching a series of interviews with successful entrepreneurs made by Yaro Starak. The interview with Dane Maxwell, co-founder of The Foundation inspired me to check out his program. Yaro has great content on blogging and offers a course to become ‘the authority’ on your subject. I learned a lot here, but I will not take his course, because I think a great business should be able to run without depending on me being the expert.

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Mindmap and Youtube Video Channel

Last week I’ve uploaded two new video’s. In the first video, I explain How and why I use a Mindmap to set the outline for my youtube channel content. In this Mindmap video, I found four key themes that lead to Online Software for Environmental Business. For each topic I created a separate playlist and one playlist to list all the video’s together. Continue reading “Mindmap and Youtube Video Channel”