How to install a SSL certificate to upgrade you WordPress site to https ?

Do you wonder how to install a SSL certificate to upgrade you WordPress site to https and get that fancy green lock in your browser? I did not care too much about that. It was something for web shops. This year something changed. Google started punishing websites that do not have encryption and are accessible through the old fashioned http by displaying them below all https results. And that hurts.

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ExpoCruz 2017

This week from 22 of September until next Sunday 1st of October is the 42 edition being held of the largest tradeshow in the wide region around Bolivia in one of the most existing and fast growing cities of South America, Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Expocruz once started as just another trade show for agriculture, now has the most wide range of exhibitors and attracts thousand’s of visitors in a ten days during festival.

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Updated Contact Details

I just changed my contact details because we moved from Costa Rica to Bolivia. That was quit some trip. It took almost two months to get fully settled, but here I am in my new home office. All you need is a laptop? Well, stable internet is pretty useful too. That is why I spent some time in Starbucks last weeks.

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Buying and selling a car in Costa Rica

After living over three years in Costa Rica, I realized that perhaps I might have learned some things that can be useful to a international public, especially for people that are going to live in Costa Rica soon. Perhaps you have just arrived and consider buying a car, you might be just in time to buy ours!

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How I totally missed out on Woocommerce

Week 10, Monday
How I totally missed out on Woocommerce. Woocommerce came out in 2011. I tried setting up ecommerce sites in 2010 and said, no more! After trying solutions for WordPress, Joomla and Magento. There was just not simple solution available to build a platform myself, so I gave up on it. No more ecommerce for me! Never looked at Woo.

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Auditor Training for Management Systems


Never stop learning. That is why I continue to develop myself and take an auditor training to be able to perform internal audits. The course is following the principles for management system audits as described in ISO 19011 and using ISO 9001:2015 as a reference standard to be audited for.

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