I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

Sometimes things seem to make sense all of a sudden.

Last year Freelancing on UpWork has been a great move and I truly enjoy writing publicity, creating and optimizing advertisements. I was so focussed on that I did not do too much about my own website, so heres an update.

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Why I pull the plug out of Backbone Management System

I invested a lot of research efforts in the early development stages of Backbone Management System. It was to be my first SaaS business. The short answer is that I do not want to manage a multi-million dollar SaaS start up. That is a stressfull full time job.

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Google AdWords Search Certified Professional

At least untill 3th of April 2019. I may oficially call myself a Google Adwords Search Certified professional. I was awarded with the certificate after passing the AdWords Fundamentals and Search Advertising assessments. Since January 2018 these Google certificates are issued by Googles Acedemy for Ads. Continue reading “Google AdWords Search Certified Professional”

AdWords. The Symbiosis between Client and own Developments

It is incredible. The things I learn from my clients. I apply what I learn doing consultancies in my own projects. Visa versa, the things I learn doing developing my own endeavours are directly improving my clients results in every following assignment. A great example is Google AdWords.

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Why I missed hundreds of dollars and got set back one month in time

This simple administrative trick I am about to share now can save you a month or two of your precious time and opens up access to hundreds or even thousands of dollars’ worth of jobs.

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How to get your first client on Upwork

One of the steps on my route to financial independence and anticipated early pension is the ability to work no matter where. In stead of listening to the rant of someone who claims to have made it, I thought it might be more interesting to share my experiences on my path to freedom. Such a clichee claim – but as the matter of fact, while struggeling I did make certain advances and I am sure that the tips I am about to share about the Upwork platform are huge time savers and potential money makers for people just starting. I just recently passed the procces from Newbee to Rising Talent to become a Toprated freelancer.

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SSL Security https safe browsing enabled

A whole long time of silence, and than suddenly appears backbone.ms to be a safe encrypted site accessible trough https and SSL certified altogether just as banks do. What seemed to be a luxury but often required feature is something that almost every site will have implemented one year from today. But let’s enjoy the feeling that having https is something special and welcome all those 100’s of new visitors that come to this super-safe site and learn about the Backbone Management System, your Hosted Intranet Solution.

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