Conversion Optimization

Optimization is the art of continuous improvement in the sales process. It is an art and science. Perhaps it best describes what I do.

Advertising and copywriting require technical skills at a high level, but for any business to be successful a holistic view is required.

You must understand all the processes going on. See the big lines, yet pay attention to the tiniest details that can interfere with the flow from lead to sale.

When it comes to digital marketing I can only share with you the experience I have, so I will not talk about anything I did not test myself.

I invite you to join my journey and discover the tools and tricks I find on my path to help optimize my own business processes.

What works for me is creating content rich websites using WordPress, and monetize those selling digital products with the native e-Commerce system WooCommerce.

If you want to know how to create a self hosted money making system with WordPress and Woocommerce. Stick around.