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What Did I learn At AdWorld Conference?

The past three days have been mindblowing.

AdWorld is an online conference (duh) and for me it was the oppertunity to get submerged in a huge stream of presentations about Advertising that ran similtaniously at three diffrent stages.

First of all kudo’s to the organisation, the sign up and planning of the sessions I wanted to attent to worked flawless. Only one time there was a little bleep in the interview with Rory Sutherland, perhaps this was one of the most crowded stages, or it could have been my WiFi. Who knows.

I did not really get the networking mixers, those were chat rooms. Not sure something was going on there. I guess more was going on on LinkedIn simultaniously. Putting together random people in a zoom call would have been more fun.

Anyway, the presentations and talks were great.

Advertising in 2022 and beyond

Owning your data to me always has been logic. That is why I never implemented facebook comments on a blog, and I am cautious with publishing too much on YouTube. You need to own your content and data. That is essential for long term survival of your business.

So now there is this general panic about 3rd party cookies. Thing is you need to make sure you find out for yourself who your site visitors and clients are, and do not let Google or Facebook do the heavy lifting.

The iOS update! Hahah, makes me laugh. So Apple (small market share hardware provider, only for geeks) decided to make an opt out button for tracking. Everybody marketing to marketers is freaking out big time. When your audience are normal people with off the shelve hardware, there is nothing to worry about.

What else? Hundreds of actionable tips on copywriting, ad buying strategies and lead generation. Too much to summarize. What I do know is that me and my clients are benefitting from these new and old tactics I start to implement right away.

With increasing importance of AI in advertising, it becomes more important to truly understand and study human nature to keep in controle.

Inspired by things I (mostly) already new, I decided to edit my Linkedin Agency profile a little. My own messaging needs to become more focussed, so that is why I shout out now more clear to Sustainable Businesses!

I am here to help you scale your brand and get your product of service out there in front of the right people.

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