Week two of keeping a real log


Published last week’s Real Logs. My previous series of weblogs I scheduled for every Tuesday afternoon. I am not sure if it really matters a lot at this stage when I publish, because I am writing basically for new visitors that find my weblog trough their search engine, or social media at the times that they are browsing. Timing becomes more of an issue, when the flock of readers are looking out for my new post, and frankly, that is not the case. Yet. More to keep posting, I think every week log should be up on Sunday evening, or Monday morning.

Followed up on a warm lead (bienvenido, if you are reading this). I remember that the first prospects I approached with a cold email, did not respond. All three of them! I was offended, and that was the end of that business. Now I know, that cold emailing may lead up to a 10 of 15 percent response rate.

With so called warm leads, I think two polite reminders with a week interval, followed by a -last attempt- phone call is not overdone, isn’t it? The message could simply not pass the spam filter, or end up in a pile of unread mails.


Wrote proposals on upwork. Created a bunch of content. Probably will publish some of it soon. Here was my first Upwork proposal:

I need someone to update my existing web page

I would like to help you with your website migration. I offer a manual migration, but that will give the best result compared with automated. I am not a designer though, but we can match the desired look a and feel, and adapt the color scheme to your house style. My focus would be to get your content published, well categorized and tagged with a logic internal link structure. The WordPress site will be easy to manage and I can help you set up the required navigation structure of the pages and news posts. Will the new site be hosted on the existing server? Depending on the amount of pages and assuming it is only English, I could do this during this week. Should it be done before Friday, or Sunday?

20 – 50 proposals, 1 interview. Never hired anyone.

I did 67 proposals so far when I reach to one hundred I will publish them here so that my readers know what I am able and willing to offer as a service. So more about Upwork later…

Wednesday / Thursday

Finished all the paperwork to get my professional master’s degree in hand. Closing a chapter, you could say. Lots of paperwork, it was.


Made the first steps to build the prototype of the Backbone Management System using the realm.li domain for the development and white label hosting for your organizational intranet:

Backbone MS is an Integrated Sustainability Management System. Now you can claim your organizations name for the realm.li white label intranet hosting service, to instantly build your compliant management system and meet your organization’s needs.

Also, installed and tested the WordPress document-feedback plugin on a few content sites. That’s probably a feature you will find back inside the management system. Talking about features, building a backlog with features as well. A backlog for Backbone. I feel that will be the title for, the backbone weblog. It’s a weblog with backlogs for backbone. Now try saying that last sentence fast three times in a row without struggling. Yes, clearly, weekend has begun.

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