Two months in lock down

Santa Cruz, Bolivia 05/11/2020

This is the page where I am supposed to sell you my copywriting services.

Probably the most unnecessary page on my website. At this point you already know who I am.

You do not care at all what I have done before, you just need someone to sell your stuff using the written word.

You know what? I am in good mood. I will do an effort to write something on this page, because I think it is important that you also openly tell about yourself on your website. Lead by example, as they say.

Hiding behind a fancy corporate style page, does not help you to get more clients. Most people will see trough it right away. Unless you are a large corporation.

Yes. This is just me talking to you.
Houdyk pretends to become a full-service agency, and ‘we’ do have a large pool of skilled freelancers, but when it comes to copywriting you will deal with me, in person.

For the time being, that is.

It does give us a scheduling problem. A day has only 24 hours. That is why I am not very actively pursuing copywriting clients now.

I am being totally open here. I still need to hustle to get copywriting gigs and I have had too many encounters with no-budget-start-ups, talk-a-lot-but-no-contract-dudes, and oh yes, the free-consult-leachers.

That is why I take some time to focus on my own endeavours while improving my copywriting skills. Let me tell you about the following three projects.

In the Netherlands I have my site network in “personal finance” ( an affiliate marketer’ playground with a landing page for each financial service you can imagine.
Our local initiative in Bolivia is about permaculture. Here I roll out a Search Engine Optimized strategy to attract all English speaking “preppers” with engaging content, based on our real-life bioconstruction project.
Then there is this site you are watching now, My personal brand. With more than enough topics to develop about “online marketing”.
For all three projects I am developing info products to sell. For fun, profits and as case studies.

…after all that is done, there are my ongoing commitments to manage Google Ads campaigns. I really enjoy doing those and prefer to grow that part of the business.

You see, I am not bored at all. Even after two months in lock down. You must convince me your product or service is worth researching.

I prefer initiatives with a holistic and sustainable approach that make a positive impact. Things I would like to own, or participate in.

If I did not spook you off, and you have something I might want to look at, just send me a message and we will talk soon.

Jeroen Houdijk

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