Ten Sprints a Week


10 Improve weekly planning by defining the week into 10 blocks of 3-hour work, perhaps you could call them sprints. An interesting approach to go through a full plan do check act cycle each week, with the 10 chapters of the high level structure in mind.

Week 9, Monday

1 My week starts on Monday. Week 9 of the year. It always bothered me at university when course plans were generic plans, based on the duration of the course in weeks. A non-ambiguous planning connects with real week numbers and actual dates. If I would say this is the third week of keeping a real log, ‘week 3’ would not have any significance in the context of a year planning.

2 Today I am heading for San Jose, a two-hour drive if traffic is forgiving. I need to do some paperwork, and I have an appointment at the ministry of agriculture about the cacoa commission.


3 Wrote some more proposals for upwork and prepared for a workshop Thursday afternoon.

4 Deep dived into the document hierarchies for management systems.


5 Updates and maintenance of site network. I do feel some lack of notes taking during the week, because it is hard recalling what more I did.


6, 7, 8 ,9 Four full blocks of time almost fully spend traveling. To be able to have a closing workshop and meeting with the farmers’ association I supported during my graduation project, I had to travel 7 hours by bus, have the meeting and stay over one night, and head back again. Kind of a draining trip it was, but I was glad to be invited to have this closure. Our last planned workshop was cancelled due to hurricane Otto, back in November.

Caldera. On my way to Nicoya

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One of the busses was equipped with Wi-Fi, which made the travelling much more pleasant. On the way, back I managed to pick up my legalized title, in the middle of the Friday afternoon traffic rush. I did lose a few paragraphs of free writing I did not safe properly, but that’s stuff that just happened some time.


10 In some way I managed to stick with the ten-block week planning. Ending this first cycle, it is time for some reflexion and see what could be improved. I had a client asked for my availability, that made me think it would be a good idea to publish my available time slots, and hire a virtual assistant for the blocks that I am not actively replying my mail. Also, I tend to improve the check list I use for the updates and maintenance. This kind of actions should be registered as documented information to be compliant, so it feels like the most natural thing to do now, is to start working according to the principles I preach. Even if at this time I am a single pitter or a solopreneur, describing my work processes, and working on the documentation structure, helps me to be more efficient. I do foresee certification for my own management system at some point, so I better start working on that!

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