Technical Debt and the Urgent and Importance Matrix

This post is about Technical Debt and how this can accumulate easily… Just to show an example, In a previous blogpost that I wrote quickly using my tablet, I did not include all the references that I perhaps should have.

Promising (myself) to include this links later on and add headings and so on, is causing me extra work on a later moment. In stead of doing that, I dedicate this post to the links and examples that kept unmentioned in the earlier post. This way, turning a boring job of adding links to an existing post, into a new little blog post. Filling up a gap in my weekly blogging timeline as well. Feeling productive already 🙂

Perhaps you’ve noticed that I am posting a new post every tuesday after lunch, but it is not easy to keep up with that pase. In fact, it is more like me every two or three weeks, writing two to four blogs at once. Need to work on that.

Important Not Urgent Scheme – Desktop Wallpaper

A google search leads me to the four-quadrant or “Eisenhower Decision Matrix” for importance and urgency. I think I got this one from a (offline) book, but here you go. A google image search for Important Not Urgent – Scheme reveals some nice examples if your looking for more inspiration.

The four-quadrant  or Eisenhower Decision Matrix

So here is the matrix I used. I made this one just for you, because I deleted mine. It’s printed in my mind. I used it as a desktop background wallpaper to organise the folders and documents I had piling up. I feel liberated to be able to say that I do no longer have stressful Urgent Important tasks, but moved everything to planned, important, not urgent tasks.

Technical Debt

The term Technical Debt I learned from Clay Collins in this podcast I am sure he is not the inventor of the term, but credits given.

Anyway, there is a wikipedia page about it, so here you go: //

More to link or blog about?

Yes, actually there is. With this post I handled the promise to post a downloadable desktop wallpaper (I should use that as link bait to get you to subscribe to my newsletter perhaps), I showed some sources of the idea behind it and I published the link to the podcast were I learned about the term Technical Debt.

One more thing is pending after the post on Document and File management in the cloud, and that is a big fat referral link to dropbox or skydrive. I still have some referrals left to give away for dropbox, but Ill safe that for another time.

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