Oh Yes Oh Yes Oh Yes – I’m back

One of the most energetic house DJ’s around is te one and only Carl Cox. I’m sure your have your own fair share of music channels to listen to while grinding hours in your locked down home office situation, but if you have a moment, look up some of his sessions. His Yes, Oh Yes, Oh Yes, when stuff is going sweet and nice is contagious.

I kind of feel like things are on a roll as well. Discs are turning and time is right for a comeback.

Oh, yes, I’m back.

To keep things light weight, I might give youtube a go to record some updates. So here we go:


Nice and simple. The wonderfull world of links.

On instagram I have been posting quite a bit, mostly about Termitero, our selfbuild house with Hyperadobe, I really want to spent some more attention to that project to help other self builders to create a healthy and affordable place to live in.

Perhaps this will become the featured project. We will see were things go.

Talk soon,


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