No Rocket Science, Science that Rocks

Have you seen the series Mad Man? This hit on Netflix is about an Advertising Agency and I loved it. Everything about it just shows off the efforts that were put in to make the series stand out from a mainstream production.
The decors, the clothing, the cast. It all adds up to a very realistic feeling of the time setting. I am not a marketing expert, but I know a thing or two about search engine optimization and content creation for the web. The advertising aspect played a vague role as a background motivation to watch the series.

Because I picked up blogging recently to get attention for my initiative to develop an Integrated Sustainability Management System, I started listening to podcasts about copy writing. One recommended reading Scientific Advertising, as the starting point for everyone wanting to learn about writing copy that works. Because let’s be honest, aren’t we all selling something? Even if it is an opinion, you are marketing yourself. Perhaps you are a consultant, selling a product or service? Every expression you leave online can show up at some point and grab someone’s attention, and make an impact.

When I listen to these marketing experts discussing split testing, how to write headlines and the amount of research that goes into writing a good advertisement, I realize that these Mad Man are real! They exist and they have been around from quite some time. There are just so many wannabee marketers and copywriters, that I never paid attention. On twitter, there are more social media consultants than actual social media users. Everyone is a guru.

Rocket ScienceSo, to get to the point, I got myself a copy and read Scientific Advertising in one go. It grabbed me, for its clarity, and excellent explanation of key concepts of writing sales copy. I was shocked to learn that the book was written by Claude Hopkins in 1923! I thought it was from the fifties. Perhaps because I had these Mad Man in mind reading it. The concepts of Hopkins’s book are totally applicable on today’s online communication and marketing strategies. The human psyche has not changed, that explains the scientific approach. Now do not worry, it is no rocket science. It is all about testing and experimenting, and most of all, learning from documented mistakes others made before.

The basic understanding of how advertising works, and most important, what does not work, can safe every business or organization from wasting budget on campaigns or copy that makes no sense. Advertising, when carefully thought of, and well spend, can help take your organization take off like a rocket. No Rocket Science, but Science that Rocks!

I was surprised that I did not hear about this book before, and asked around to some of my contacts, many people still do not know this classic. The good news is that it became public domain literature, that is why I choose to re-distribute this must read to my subscribers.

I am confident this book can help improve your writing. If you are not writing yourself, I encourage you to invest in reading this 62 page ebook. It is for free, but very valuable. It will help to determine what kind of copywriter you should contract for your content.

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