How to create a Youtube video with impact

Today I started a Podcast series by creating a videoblog on Youtube. Please subscribe to my Youtube channel at this url: // and leave your comments on the video’s.

I was challenged to use a Youtube video as my application to a new fund for software development. Later on in this series I will share more details about this fund, and how and why I will apply, but now I start with creating and learning how to produce great Video’s that stick around, get many views and subscribers and have an substantial impact.

Because uploading just a single video will not have a significant impact, I try to involve subscribers first and use a series of Video’s to create more effect.

This Podcast is not that much about me, but I want to share some experiences from my perspective as an Environmental Engineer and Web Developer. Exploring were these fields meet, and ultimately creating a new software based business.

This week Stats

  • Channel video’s: 4
  • Subscribers: 2
  • Total views: 65
  • Most views per video: 30
  • Running: 2 x 5km

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