From 10K to 100.000 monthly visitors

Is was a bumpy ride, but somehow I developed the skill to get blogs from zero to 10.000 monthly visitors. Will I be able to push this one up to 100.000 engaged visitors? Join me on that journey and subscribe to my weblog updates!

On twitter I posted a screenshot from this blogs statistics, hitting over 10K visitors in December, after blogging weekly for 4,5 month.

Upwork Consultancies

For some of my web developments I was already hiring using the Upwork platform, but now I am also registered as a consultant myself, sharing my experience with web development.

Sustainability Management Professional

Also, I just recently change my profile description on Linkedin to Sustainability Management Professional, because that basically covers the load much better. Management consulting. Design and Implementation of Integrated Management Systems. I am not only helping organizations with their online presence, but also as an adviser on their intranet and compliance with value adding management system standards.

So stay tuned, and watch me grow a SaaS business from a consultancy practice.


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