Following people versus organizations on Twitter

Because organizations do not follow back… Reviewing my twitter account I realized that most organizations do not follow back. Following people, organizations or blogs are filling up your timeline, but have no effect on the reach of messages you send or the post you feature, if they are not exposed to your outings.

So that is why I cleaned up the list of people I follow, focusing on actual people and strongly reducing the number of organizations and websites. twitter

For that reason I like LinkedIn and Facebook more were connections are reciprocal. Although it is possible to be a fan or like or follow stuff and people you like, for promoting my blog this is not helping me any further.

Social media can be a significant source of traffic and leads. That is why I will start to monitor more close the effects of being active on such channels. The idea is to choose the most effective channel after a few months of testing and focus efforts there. The nice thing is that all is interrelated and there are possibilities to auto-publish on multiple channels, but let’s see what works best.

If you agree or disagree, or want to share or feature your content about this topic, please leave a comment.

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