Certified internal auditor

Last week rushed by in a blink.

All schedules overboard for a little vacation time so I will not write too much now. We’ll see.

Contracted internal audits for management systems

I did pick up my internal auditor certification last Monday. I am glad and perhaps a bit proud to have some previous acquired competences affirmed with this certificate, and of course I have a better understanding of ISO 9001:2015 and the auditing process. I am looking forward to assist organisations with contracted internal auditing services, or consultancy on management systems.

The training with INTECO was based on INTE/ISO 9001:2015 for quality management systems as a reference standard, and the INTE/ISO 19011:2012 guidelines for auditing management systems. The contents of the Spanish guidance documents are identical to the English versions, respectively ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 19011:2011.


Spent some time on administration, billing and refunds. The yearly tax filling due date is rapidly getting closer, so that needs to be sorted out.

File management, and getting a new lap-top ready for use, such things take time. Non productive time. Overhead. Billed time should compensate for that, or be included in your rate, but does it always?

Failure is not an option

This weekend we spent at Caribbean beaches Puerto Viejo and Cahuita. It has been a while ago since I jumped into the warm tropical sea. It is a nice reminder on the great country we are living in. Almost forget about it, but it is awesome to live in Costa Rica and to have such nice beaches at just a few hours distance -in each direction-. Makes you forget about slow WiFi.

Because of a family urgency, I had to take the first flight option to head to the Netherlands today. Luckily I could get a ride to the airport in San Jose (SJO) and right now find myself waiting in Houston for a connecting flight to Newark, and later on to Amsterdam.

They sell T-shirts here at the gate. Two prints stand out: “Houston, we have a problem!” and “Failure is not an option!”. I feel like the second slogan should be the motto for the coming weeks, combining this inevitable trip with taking action upon the opportunities that lie ahead.


An intercontinental flight is always a moment of reflection for me. Time to think, get organised, evaluate and make plans. Also moments to work a bit. The long waiting hours in the boarding area passing by faster than ever. Getting back to it now.

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