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Amsterdam, 11 of may 2023 – Let us help you set up your new Microsoft Ads account. Spend $50 and receive a $250 voucher for Microsoft Search Ads. This is a time sensitive offer, available on a first come, first served basis. Vouchers are available untill 31 of may. Book your free strategy call now and claim your voucher.

Let us help you with your Microsoft Ads.

If you want to try Bing ads and you want your Bing ads campaign done by a Bing ads professional… Look no further!

If you see the green Whatsapp button we are ready to take your question right now.

Bing Ads Agency

No doubt the search algoritm brought you to the right Microsoft Ads agency. Like many advertising agencies we started once with Google Ads and discovered the oppertunities that are often overseen with Bing Search. Over time we became Bing ads expert.

Nowadays ads on Bing are much more. The Microsoft Ads platform unlocks access to potential clients via various other search engines such as Yahoo, Duck Duck Go, Ecosia, and some more.

YOu can display you Bing business ads not only search, but also on a vast network of partner sites.

A special menions is the new addition of networks of LinkedIn and even placements on Netflix are possible!

Let us be your Microsoft Ads partner to take care of your account set up and ongoing Microsoft ads management.

We use smart Microsoft ads management software that enables us to consitantly get great results at lower costs.

You new Microsoft campaign manager will be glad to explain you this in more detail. Simply book a free consult to see wether we are a good fit and give it a try.

Sustainable Advertising

Can advertsing be sustainable? Besides our footprint, I think the most important aspect of a sustainable advertising agency or a sustainable digital marketing agency is the type of clients we prefer to work with.

For a reason we advertise on Microsoft Ads to reach an audience that uses Ecosia as a browser – in case that is not you, try it, ecosia plants trees with their advertsing income.

The efforts we make leverage the impact your company has on the world. So we better choose sustainable comanies to work with.

For that matter we are a Sustainable Marketing Agency and what we do is Scale Up Your Sustainable Business. There may be more sustainable marketing companies around, so you must know that what makes us different, is that we are specialized in PPC campaigns via Microsoft Ads.

In case you want to give Microsoft Ads a serious change. You better go with us.

Advertising on Ecosia

Ecosia advertising can be interesting if you have a very specific product or service that resonates with the typical Ecosia user. It is a matter of testing wether this is the case with your company.

Next to this small but growing and highly targeted reach, we will make sure to get things running smooth on Microsoft Ads.

If you are running successfull campaigns on Google, Meta, or LinkedIn we will make this happen for you on Microsoft Ads too.

And yeah, sure we can handle the other accounts too and probably do it better than your previous account manager… Why? Because your success is our success.

Let’s talk

Let’s not wait around any longer and get things done. Reach out via Whatsapp smashing that green button, or schedule a call the next moment that suits you best.

If you are not ready to book a call and just want to ask us something, leave your message in this form below in case whatsapp is not available at this hour. We’ll get back to you pretty quick.

PPC Management

Do you want to read in more generic terms about our PPC Management Agency?

Here you go, especially for you and those little bots around that need certain keywords to thrive on.

Therefore I need to ask if you are looking for PPC Management Services? You never know, perhaps you are looking to buy a loaf of bread. In that case something went wrong here.

Of course you need help with PPC Campaign Management and pretty urgent too. You need our PPC Services and hire and PPC Expert as fast as possible, becasue right now. You do not have time.

All you need to know about PPC advertising

We are a PPC company. That means we manage your Pay Per Click marketing campaigns. You do not pay us per click. We charge a managemenet fee with a variable perfomance based bonus.

  1. We offer ppc campaign management services including set up of conversion tracking and reporting.
  2. A ppc advertising company specialized in Microsoft Ads.
  3. Our ppc advertising services are targeting scale ups with a sustainable mission.
  4. Use the best ppc management service for Bing Ads you can get.
  5. PPC advertise is hard to get into a sentence, but sometimes you have to be creative to get a keyword in place.
  6. Our ppc marketing services are unparalleled by none.
  7. a ppc service you can only dream of. We take care of it all. Or not. It depends on your needs.
  8. Other ppc management companies have Google Ads as their primary business.
  9. Our advertising ppc management has a strong portfolio in Microsoft Ads.
  10. The ppc management cost is accessible, scalable and compared with the performance, it becomes a no brainer. 
  11. The best ppc marketing company is the one that gives you results.
  12. Let’s discuss our ppc campaign strategy this week.
  13. We provide local ppc services and have multilingual campaigns for breakfast.
  14. ppc advertising networks we work with next to Microsoft Ads are Google Ads, LinkedIn, Meta and Taboola.
  15. We do not have ppc management packages it;s all custom. If you want one, tell us how you expect one to look like, and we go from there.
  16. Our ppc management pricing is top secret. All I can say is that you can afford it.
  17. pay per click ppc advertising is what we do.
  18. ppc advert to keep it short. Check. We creat those for you.
  19. Not many ppc agencies are specialized in Microsoft Ads.
  20. hire ppc expert yes do that, now.
  21. We are your next ppc marketing agency get used to it.


A ppc ad is likely how you found this page. But not pér se, because we like SEO as well. It is part of our strategy to get the right mix of paid and organic search optimization efforts in place.

Now finally click that geen button and start a chat, leave a message in the form above, or if it suits you better some other moment: Schedule your free consult.


I always try to leave some open slots in my agenda for some fine PPC discussions or answering random questions about advertising on Microsoft Ads. If I’m able to help you any further that would be my pleasure. Even if you are not directly looking for an ad agency to step in I’m glad to help.




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