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Keyword Research is typed in by 6.600 people every month in Google Search. Are you one of them?

It is a pretty bold move to optimise this page for the term keyword research and think people will simply come to my site now after their search.

Perhaps it was like that twenty years ago. I did get away with it with one project I started in 2007.

Today things work different. Paying for search ads is an inevitable part of any growth marketing strategy. On the other hand, you will be surprised how many people try to rank with websites that have hardly any content.

Keyword Research for Google Ads

Don’t make the mistake not to optimise your website and landing pages for important keywords you are bidding on in Google Ads auction.

You will pay a hefty price for your pay per click ads if you do not have a relevant landing page. Relevant means that the keyword or close synonimes must at least accur on your website. Even better on the specific landing page.

SEO Keyword Research

For Search Engine Optimizaton keyword research is essential. Ideally you do a thourough keyword research before you even start your website to have a solid keyword strategy build into the core navigation structure.

At least you must use keywords as input for your content writers. Not with the hard requirement to include and turf certain terms and create though to read texts created for crawl robots. No. Use keyword research to find the most relevant and frequenty searched for term – to include in the title and description, have it occur a few times, and use a bunch of secondary keyword as inspiration or input for your writer.

Finally, we can optimize existing content for SEO purposes. The use of keywords is one of the many elements in the mix that determines how often a page finds it way to the top of the search results.

Curb your enthousiam

With the keyword research results, you can take the relevant search terms with substantial search volume, and use those on your website. Do not forget to use keywords in image tags and descriptions such as this one.
Now curb your entuiasm a little bit. I will not get you on the number one position of Google. Because it does not exist. The only thing I just did was putting the image of Larry David on top of your mind. Not sure why I did that. It’s rather an observation.

There is no #1 position.

The search results you see depend on were you are in the world, your browsing history, the latest updates of other websites (there’s quit a few around), the roll out of search engine algoritm updates, the device you use and its language settings to name a few. A whole bunch of factors we are not even aware of pllay a role as well.

The only thing I can promise, is that with keyword research, you have a basis to get yourself more organic visitors if you use the information wisely.

Keyword Research – Search Volume

Frankly, the only number that matters to me is the average monhlty search volume per search term for a certain geograhic region.

We typically provide a list in Excel or a Google Sheet with the search terms organised in categories (and subcategories) if it is a large list with the respective search volume per region. Each target language may have a seperate tab, but that is about how complex it is going to get if it depends on me.

I care less about competition data, cpc bid history and search trends. The selection of keywords for your SEA or SEO campaign is primarily based on relevance.

If I am a baker making the best cookies (lol) in town, I will not start advertising bread in stead of cookies because there is a lot of competition. No. If you have the best product or service, it dos not matter what the competition does. If you do not have a unique selling point, you better quit your business right away.

Sometimes clients ask to do the keyword research with a tool they use internally. That is ok. We are familair with keyword research tools such as SEMrush, MOZ or ahrefs. However, we primarily use Google Native Keyword Research Tool. You get the same data directly from the source.

These other tools have nice features, but in practise, few clients manage to implement and really act on all the information. Follow your own path, and create great content for anyone visiting your site. No matter if the source is Paid Search, Organic, Social, or an Email campaign. It is best to provide information and solutions people are actually looking for.

Such as keyword reseach.

Schedule a call to discuss how to get the monthly search volumes of your business’ search terms. Organised and actionable.

This can be a one time thing if you have the time or people to take actions with the results from the keyword research. In case we can help you with implementing SEA or SEO it can be part of the package.

As you see there is no fixed price. Neither can I give a quote per word or anything like that. This depends on the ammount of products and services and how deep we may dive to find additonal search terms. We can work something out with any budget to get you an organised an actionable keyword list.

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