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Lovely Amsterdam Channels. No, I do not know Amsterdam well. I am from Utrecht, and I live in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. But hey. Does it matter? You need a Dutch Advertising Agency. Let’s talk.

You are looking for a Dutch Advertising Agency. That is why I created this lovely landing page. The focus of my advertising agency Houdyk is on PPC campaign management, copywriting and conversion optimization.

We do not do Facebook, because if you want to burn a lot of cash that is the way to go. If you are looking for quality leads on an ongoing basis Google Ads is were you should be.

When I talk about We you may just read I.

It is 99 percent me, myself and I, but occasionally I ask help from a pool of trusted local freelancers.

So how can I help you?

Google Adwords Services

Google Adwords Services such as campaign set up and management, localization and optimization. The name was changed from Google Adwords to Google Ads over a year ago, but you keep searching for it so that’s is why I mention it. It works like that. Keyword research is one of the key tasks we perform.

google search ads

  • Internationalize your Google Ads campaign
  • Keyword Research
  • Enter Dutch markets with PPC marketing
  • Manage and optimize your European campaigns
  • Set up Search, Display and Remarketing
  • Trouble shoot Merchant Center Errors for Shopping Campaign
  • Get more insights with advanced Google Analytics conversion tracking
  • Campaign set up and migrations with Google Ads editor
  • Give yourself more time to do business

So far I got my clients exclusively via Upwork, were I build a respectable track record if I may say so. Have a look for yourself at my agency profile on Upwork.

PPC Agency Amsterdam

I assisted many Dutch clients, and International businesses from all over the world. Sectors including, but not limited to Real estate, e-Commerce, Software as a Service, Travel, Finance, IT and Automotive. Basically anything you can advertise. I found a need especially for European businesses wanting to enter Dutch markets, so here I am, offering you to localize your campaigns for The Netherlands. Not just translate. Localize.

If you need localization and campaign management for other countries I can be of help too, I will organize and oversee your PPC marketing campaigns in English, Spanish, German, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Italian, Czech, or Polish. I even manage campaigns in Russian and Mandarin. No chunk of work to big.

You see, that I what I like so much. To research businesses and organisations and get to the core of their success and create ad copy around that. When required (yes, even more fun) I will be glad to assist with landing page copy too. Overall conversions is what matters.

Google Partner

Before I forget, Houdyk is Google Partner. I am specialized in Google Search Ads and certified for Search, Display, Analytics and Google Shopping. Basically all aspects of Google Ads Management. Also, I can help you with conversion optimization of your landing pages. I offer copywriting services for sales letters, landing pages, and product descriptions in Dutch and English.

Now, for the first time, I set up this little Google Ads campaign to get clients via this wonderful channel. A conversion rate of three percent is what I am aiming at for starters. So out of every one hundred visitors, I will get three new clients. Hope you are one of those!

Please leave a short message below with the best way I may contact you, and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

Let’s talk!

Jeroen Houdijk
Direct Response Copywriter and Google Ads Account Manager

My grandfather travelled the world as marine. His name – spelled with an Y – on the duffle bag I inherited, was the only six letter .com domain available compared with all other words written on anything in my apartment. Including the dictionary. A unique brand name with a history.