How a 37-year-old engineer was able to quit his job, move to the tropics, and retire early. Using a few simple open source tools – that helped him create a lifestyle business that runs on autopilot.

With an analytic mindset, building your own “unstoppable cash flow machine” never was as easy as it is today

After a decade of trying, I finally did it. I created a passive income stream, large enough to live from, and it has become virtually unstoppable.

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Dear Friend,

This is not for everyone. I want to share my unique approach only with people like you who can understand brand new concepts with little guidance. This way I can assure, I will be able to personally give recommendations, for you and our peers, stepping on this train today, already in motion.

I continue to optimize my first truly successful self-hosted ‘money maker’. At the same time, I am replicating it, together with you. This promotion is the best example on how to set up a system that automatically brings in cash.

Every single day.

The technology I use is open source and available for free. I can install and set up the technical components of a little cash flow machine in a matter of hours.

That is the easy part. Everyone can do this.

The thing is, there are so many things you can do wrong, that it will take you probably weeks, months or even years, to get every little detail right. As it is with all software, there is a steep learning curve.

Imagine how long it will take you to figure out how to integrate and optimize all the components, if you will try it for yourself.

I learned the hard way via trial and error, what works and what does not. Using my proven settings, that took me ten long years to figure out, combined with marketing insights obtained from a 1,5-year MBA program, and reading many books about marketing.

You can skip the learning curve and build your own unstoppable cash flow machine in no-time.

Feel The Power for Yourself, Today.


I will not give away all details here. But let me be clear. My little money making system has nothing to do with day-trading, stocks, options, or cryptocurrencies.

Take a look at this.

Micropayments Paypal 2018

This is a snap shot of my PayPal account from last year. The typical Micropayments I receive are between a couple of euro’s, and up to €14,95.

In total it was €127. In USD that would be $142. Hardly anything worth mentioning, but you could spent a nice evening with friends on that. I see this as a bonus.

You must know that in The Netherlands, were I created my first working system, PayPal is just a minority payment method.

The mayor local payment method for online payments is called iDEAL and represents 56% of online purchases.

So here is what my iDEAl payments look like:

iDEAL payments end of May 2019 in euro.

As you can see the volume is a lot higher and I have a steady baseline of one purchase a day.

A daily sale of €14,95 (or $16,71 in American Dollars) equals 500 dollars a month.

That may not sound like a whole lot of money to you, but as a matter of fact, that is enough to live from in many tropical destinations. WITHOUT NEED TO WORK.

3 Month Earnings 2019

In fact, my passive income from this single asset is slightly higher. I talked about a baseline of one sale per day, but due to seasonality effects some periods have more sales as this nice graphs show.

The three month’ sales for February, March and April 2019 are €1,901.71 ($2,125). That is $708 per month.

As you can see by the red dotted line, there is NOT ONE SINGLE RETURN.

The Single Best Way to Build Passive Income in 2019

I tried almost everything to create passive income. The sad truth is, that without some capital, your options are very limited. If I would have had tons of money to invest in Stocks, I would probably do so. By the way, I plan to do just that, in near future.

But the harsh reality is that I have to work for every dime I invest in testing money making systems. My first step to free up some extra money, was to get location independent work.

This way I was able to live in low cost countries, and have a little more to spent.

I told you, this is not for everyone. NOT an easy path.


With what I have learned I am convinced that it will help you set up your working system in no-time.

So, if you want to minimize the initial investment in terms of cash, and are willing to put some efforts into building a money making system that you OWN (for the most part), this might be something for you.

So what is it all about?
It is all about how to monetize a website, and own as many of the ‘system components’ reasonably possible, without need to invest a lot of hard earned money.

Many companies are trying hard to make you believe you need to rent a special landing page, outsource your sales process, or even your entire e-commerce module -or website.

For many people this is their only option. But if you have above average capacities to acquire a few new skills, there is a huge opportunity here to get started from pole position. To beat the system, you must own it.

The Power of Micropayments

Monetizing your website was never this easy. Use this guide as a cheat sheet to skip the learning curve and set up your working system in a sneeze.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • How to monetize your website
  • How to sell online
  • How to do Pay Per Click marketing
  • What the best marketing is channel for your market

In addition to that I will reveal little known secrets about selling online

  • The One Type of Image that will Boost your Sales
  • Quick and dirty tricks that help you set up Google Ads
  • How selling just one thing can make you wealthy
  • The single best way to find out what your market wants
  • The simple secret to creating a successful sales page

And much more…

How to get Access

This is not primarily about the money. I guess it is an ego thing. I want to proof this stuff works by replicating it, together with you.

The guide I have designed is more than just a guide. I want you to Feel the Power of the New Economy for yourself and your success is of the highest importance to me.

Therefore I want to be able to personally give recommendations.

There are only so many hours in a day or a week, so I had to find a way to make sure my site will not get flooded with requests I can not process with my current set-up.

I came up with a pricing strategy you have never seen before. I started pre-selling this offer at the most low price humanly possible. $0,01. That was in April 2019, for a blanc sheet of paper, with a promise.

Since than I have been working on my guide and published the first version in May 2019.

Here comes the fun: The price doubles every month.


To see were today’s price is at, click the purple button below. >>>

The price get’s doubled around every first of the month and the guide will be expanding time after time so also your value to money ratio will get better and better.

There’s More: The Lucky Few

This insane offer includes access to our Facebook group and guidance via email. My current hourly rate is $34,50. As you might understand I will not be able to let a lot of people in at such low prices with life-time support.

But I want to reward you for joining early.

Once our numbers grow, price wíll become a limitation for new folks to join the lucky few. I can not predict when that will be, neither can I promise to keep this pricing strategy.

I might change my mind anytime soon and start charging what I should be asking. But hey, this is all an experiment to me, so take advantage of this outrageous offer while you can.