Environmental Engineer

Jeroen HoudijkHuman impact on our Environment is enormous, that is why we are monitoring and evaluating Environmental Processes and estimating future impacts. Sometimes driven by scientific questions, sometimes due to local government regulations.

I have a broad field-work experience, both at Wageningen University and later as Field Technician at the Dutch National Institute for Publice Health and Environment (RIVM). The RIVM executes Environmental Monitoring programs and runs assessments of soil-, water-, and air-quality, driven by both National and European policy. After working for the Dutch government, I joined an Environmental Engineering office, specialised in Soil Remediation and Risk Assessment.

Working with Environmental Monitoring and Risk Evaluations it is inevitable to follow protocols. This is how I developed expertise in Environmental Quality and Document Management.

Currently, I work as an independent consultant in Central- and South-America.

Jeroen Houdijk – mail@houdyk.com

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