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Specific tasks are easy to delegate. So why keep doing it yourself? The first time I ordered a gig on Fiverr I remember my next cup of coffee tasted a whole lot better. Knowing that someone else – way better in Photoshop – was doing her best to get me that logo I was after for a new business idea.

fiverr freelance platform
The first time I ordered a gig at Fiverr my next cup of coffee tasted a whole lot better. Now there is Fiverr PRO. That’s coffee with cream!
Often this is how it starts. You have an idea for a business, a new product or service. When you should be talking to your peers to pitch the idea, you waste your time designing a logo that you will end up changing or discarding anyway.

Outsourcing is a great when you want to focus on things that really matter. Get more quality time for yourself. Attend high level strategic matters in your business. Or take a nap.

There are downsides of outsourcing too. It can be frustrating when a freelancer does not deliver or needs hand holding. Also, honestly, quality may vary. In case that you end up re-doing or completing the work, you are almost back to where we started. Let’s see how to find the best freelancers on Fiverr.

Hiring a Freelancer at Fiverr

Your can either browse by category, or search by keyword to find freelancers at fiverr. As a result you will see freelancer profiles and their rating: New Seller, Level Two, Level One, Top Rated, and PRO verified. View their offerings careful and compare the basic, standard and premium packages to be sure of what to expect. In many cases it is possible to order a gig and send the instructions right away. When a freelancer is very busy, it can be good to communicate first about availability to avoid discussion about the delivery date.

Too many Freelancers too choose from?

Everyone, from everywhere, can join Fiverr to offer their services. The Marketplace to pick Freelancers is huge, millions of gigs are offered by an army of freelancers. To help find the right freelancer quick, these six categories are defined.

Six categories are defined to make choosing the right freelancer easy:

I have been using Fiverr for a while for simple tasks, when it comes to less straight forward services other marketplaces such as UpWork or Freelancer are more suitable. Until now. The gig economy is maturing and now also Fiverr is competing with professional services.

Fiverr PRO Services

Fiverr has matured as a Freelancer Platform and now offers Fiverr PRO Services. These are the top 1% performers who are hand picked for the PRO program.

Table below: Meet the Pros and browse the Fiverr Pro Categories to hire world class Freelancers directly.

Graphics & Design Digital Marketing Writing & Translation
Logo Design
Business Cards
Flyers & Brochures
Web & Mobile Design
Photoshop Editing
Infographic Design
Social Media Marketing
Email Marketing
Search & Display Ads
Marketing Strategy
Web Analytics
Product Descriptions
Website Content
Research & Summaries
Articles & Blog Posts
Sales Copy
Press Releases
Video & Animation Music & Audio Programming & Tech
Whiteboard & Explainers
Logo Animation
Video Editing
Short Video Ads
Product Photography
Mixing & Mastering
Producers & Composers
Musicians & Singers
Web Programming
Mobile Apps & Web
Data Analysis & Reports

Payment process

There is a wide range of payment options. Paypal being the most popular for ordering gigs, but you can pay by Creditcard as well. After you order a gig, you fill in additional details about the job, and answer some specific questions to make sure the work gets done as required. You pay upfront, and fiverr keeps the funds in escrow until you are satisfied with the work. When the work is completed, you receive a review and approval request. Sometimes revisions are part of the creations process and thus part of the deal. This all becomes clear reading the packages freelancers offer. All packages are in the same format, that makes comparing freelancers easy.

Quality assurance

The feedback freelancers receive is one of the strongest motivators to deliver high quality work. Future income depends on it. New freelancers are eager to get started, but have little too loose. Once their account is up to Seller Two, or Seller One level they have something to foster. Needless to say that the Fiverr PRO freelancers are PROFESSIONALS that have a reputation to keep up. That is the best guarantee you can get to make sure you receive great value for money. Meet the Pros today and select a Fiverr PRO verified freelancer for your next pending task. You may thank me after. Or tell me what went wrong, because I also have a reputation to keep up.

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

Sometimes things seem to make sense all of a sudden.

Last year Freelancing on UpWork has been a great move and I truly enjoy writing publicity, creating and optimizing advertisements. I was so focussed on that I did not do too much about my own website, so heres an update.

soil texture
Determining Soil Texture

I have some digital projects going on, and that is very interesting. Also, with my current consultancies I have client interactons and continous challenges that keep me sharp. But what was lacking is some real life action.

With a construction project we are starting in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, I will be able to apply best practise such as sustainable building methods and smart use of water and energy. I see great potential for this and that is were my marketing skills come in.

It all seems to come together. It is very early stage, but we could be at the start of a beautifull company here. It starts with building a model house. For that, I determined soil texture on the lot we have available for this. It is Clay. So we need to mix in Sand in order to build using Superadobe.

Im exited about it and soon will think of how to bend this site in such a way it all makes sense. Perhaps I need to change my slogan to something like Advertising for Sustainable Business? For sure when the time is right a new local site for this project will be created in Spanish. But I just wanted to share this update to keep things going.

AdWords. The Symbiosis between Client and own Developments

It is incredible. The things I learn from my clients. I apply what I learn doing consultancies in my own projects. Visa versa, the things I learn doing developing my own endeavours are directly improving my clients results in every following assignment. A great example is Google AdWords.

I hated paying for advertisements. I was radically against it. A few months ago, I compared it with using cancerous pesticides. Now I have seen the other side and doing well form the start. How different is that with Facebook Advertising. A steep learning curve, problems with installing Facebook pixel in WooCommerce and only access to existing clients. AdWords is much more intuitive.

I am not saying there is no learning curve with AdWords. Perhaps it is just because I am playing over a decade with AdSense, the publisher side of Google Online Advertising Vehicle. It helps to know how site publishers think and the other way around it is important to understand the advertiser’s perspective. For that reason, I finally accepted the Google coupon they were sending me occasionally during the last 10 years.

First impression of Google AdWords

The initial set up was dead simple. Only in a later step you get access to the full interface, that may be a bit overwhelming at first… You know what, I am not going to write yet another AdWords Tutorial here. It is easy to find good tips on implementation and optimization. The most important factors I found are the advertising strategy, ad copy, exact keyword bidding, account organization in ad groups with few related keywords, Click Trough Rate and Quality Score. Ofcourse, the landing page and product offer has to be spot on and in sync with your ad copy.

The most important factors to consider with Google Adwords are advertising strategy, ad copy, bid type, ad group organization, CTR and Quality Score
I did not exactly register my time invested in setting up and optimizing my first campaign. I can assure It occupied me during the last two weeks. If not logged in I cannot stop thinking on keyword optimization, audiences and so on. The good thing (for you) is that I passed through his process, so the next time I set up a campaign it will be straightforward.

Successful campaign for my digital product

At this stage I am still figuring out and optimizing various factors. A/B tests are ongoing, but for some keywords I have steady double digit Click Trough Rates with my ad copy. The product page itself has gone to some zillion revisions to optimize sales, but from the start, Google AdWords, is a profitable channel to target new site visitors that are highly interested in buying. For this single campaign it is. I can not wait to write ad copy for AdWords and set up campaigns for others. I am really exited about it and that is why I wanted to share my first steps into AdWords.

Do you think I should become AdWords Certified? I wonder how many customers really care.