Bolivia? WOW.

An often-heard response when I tell people where I live. It is called geo-arbitrage…

One of the many benefits of creating a stream of micropayments large enough to live from, is that you can choose to live anywhere you want.

Most would prefer any place with palm trees and where the cost of living is low. Others would prefer to follow their loved ones wherever they go, or in my case, it is both.

Simple self-hosted cash flow creation

I am sharing everything I learned thus far about how to create a self-hosted “money making machine” using simple open source tools, and free software that is super accessible to everyone.

Perhaps you might think that such guides are available already. Correct. But anything based on something that worked five years ago is outdated. It has become so easy now to generate an extra source of income, that I could literally set up such a system in one morning and have my first payment coming in under 24 hours.

I will tell you exactly how I set up my first successful ‘money printer’. While I am drafting and editing all this, I will tell you about it, like I am doing now, and tell you as well -right next- what I am doing today to promote it, and other facts that might be useful for anyone interested in creating some extra income, or better, becoming financially independent.

Never seen before

I published the very first edition of my manual, guide or whatever I am going to call it. The most extreme level of a minimum viable product I could imagine was an empty blank page in pdf. And so I did. I am selling you an empty sheet of paper. Print it out if you like. You should frame it. To remind you that words can sell everything.

This beautiful clean slate is symbolic for a new start. Similar in the way that I created my first digital product a few years ago. First it was an empty sheet, now people are glad to pay me for it. Every single day again.

Now this empty sheet that I am selling you today is not worthless. Not at all. It comes with a title and a promise. The title is “The Power of Micropayments”. The promise is that you will get every future edit of the file by e-mail, without further charge.

Before I will tell you about the price of this never seen before offer, I want to tell what I heard today. I told my wife about my ridiculous product and how I was convinced that no one ever has done something like this before. She told a friend, and guess what? Her friend once saw a book titled (I translate) “What men think about after having sex”.

The book is a nice hard cover edition and numbers just over 300 pages. Guess what? All 317 pages are white! Imagine. Someone is making money out of an empty book! People buy it as a joke, a little gimmick as a birthday present, or for a smile and a log under the Christmas tree.

That Xmas reference is a bit out of season, but do you get the point?

Now back to my offer.

Limited access Facebook group

I am selling this lifetime subscription at the most ridiculous price I could ever think of. I will send you every addition to the file which I intend to send on a monthly basis as a subscription. Free of charge.

Furthermore, I invite you to join my new Facebook group with the same title you can find at

Here like-minded people are free to share there experiences, struggles and successes in building our fully or semi-automated micropayment processors.

I personally will help each of you with troubleshooting for as far as my ability goes and while I can handle it myself. Therefore, this group may be open to the public only for a short time.
I am looking forward to the moment where I must limit access or hire someone to help with the support. Perhaps some of you will be willing to earn something extra doing so.

When I moved abroad to follow my expat wife to the tropics of South and Central America, getting location independent work was one of the first priorities to me to be able to live somewhere.
Now that still is important to me but having passive income from digital products gives me much more flexibility and freedom. If I wanted, I could stop working and survive rather well.

I do like to eat slightly more than peanut butter sandwiches, so there is more to it than that. But certainly, it is comforting knowing that people are buying my stuff while I sleep.

Why you should buy my guide today

I am doubling the price of the lifetime subscription to ‘The Power of Micropayments’ every month around the 1st.

Similar courses, guides, training material or manuals (I still am not sure what best describes it) are selling for hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Insane pricing

The value of acquiring the knowledge, on how to build and own your own extra income generator depends only on the limitations of your ambition. It probably is 10 times, or even 100 times more than the highest price you will ever pay for this.

I do have a maximum price in mind. You know, greed is bad guidance on which to make financial decisions. I do want to share this with as many people as possible, but I am not a philanthropist.
To give you the opportunity to access this material -where I am going to put in everything it takes- for you to get your product out there, you need to decide quickly.

I started to sell this at 1 cent of a dollar in April 2019.

If you read this today, see for yourself what the current pricing is here.

Something else, not sure if I should share this

I promised I also tell you a bit more about what I do today. As a direct marketer I work a lot with Google Ads. Last week I became a Google Partner.

Now. I am not sure if I should tell you this. I went to the local post office to find out why my mail is not arriving in my PO box. Buy coincidence I found out there was a HUGE pile of mail from Google that was never delivered. That I could go through it and pick out a few leads was of interest to me. In fact, this pile of undelivered mail is worth a lot to me. All local businesses showing their interest in Google services and nobody attending them.

This feels like hitting the jack pot. Or finding a gold nugget in a coal mine.
This is just another signal for me to open my eyes and start acquiring local clients in a virtual virgin market. Perhaps I am wrong, but I have a feeling funny thing are going to happen. I am even considering advertising in the local newspaper.

I think I should create some Spanish landing pages to my site and see where things go.

I am curious to learn where you are at right now.


Houdyk Becomes Google Partner in 14 Months

Now that came as a surprise! I assumed it was on a 18-month track.

14 months ago (To be more precise on 8 of February 2018) I created my first ever Google Adwords ad. Today Google’s advertising platform is called Google Ads, and I am creating and improving ads on a daily basis.

I guess I have found a thing here.

So well, to get to the point. Today I opened my email and saw this:

Say What! I am a Google Partner… Something to celebrate.

That is a whole lot faster than I thought it would be. So, from now on you will see a shiny little Google Partner Badge on my website. When you hover over the 3 dots you will see Houdyk’s specializations.

None. That’s funny.

It seems that my Search Certificate has expired. Something to get up-to-date before my Badge becomes invalid again. That would be a bummer.

Always something to improve.

Google Partner Bolivia
Ha! That’s cool. Houdyk is Google Partner. I guess there are not that much in Bolivia.

The BIG Question is. Will this actually get me more clients? Does anybody care about a badge today?

Time will tell!

Jeroen Houdijk

Houdyk – Google Partner
Santa Cruz, Bolivia

PS. I wonder how many Google Partners are based in Bolivia. The reason why is that I got connected to a Google call center in Peru, or was it Chile, the other day. Google is not that present here. So perhaps that is something I might change.

Why your website is losing 28% of potential visitors if HTTPS is not enabled

There is a quick and simple automated solution and you can even get it for free

But wait. Discover nine reasons why you are better off paying for an SSL certificate. You will be glad to pay and get an even bigger smile on your face.

Website encryption is for banks and villains. That is what I thought. Either you have something to hide, or you must protect your clients’ funds. Why would a simple blog, website or small online store need such a complicated protection shell if all is going just fine so far?

There is only one reason why you might want to enable a secure encrypted website. When Google first announced it, in 2017, nobody cared. But SSL Encryption became the new web standard in 2018 and websites are now penalized by the No. 1 search engine rankings if they are not encrypted.

My website visitors started to drop, because my pages showed up below all the https pages. That hurts.

SSL certificate
Let’s Encrypt is the free solution to enable HTTPS. A legal method to automatically generate and renew virtual SSL certificates. Many webmasters still prefer a paid SSL certificate emitted by a Certification Authority. In this article you will learn why.

I asked my host about the possibilities to get an SSL certificate. I was shocked to learn that the cost of such certificate was ten times higher than the actual hosting fees! Worse even, they are valid for just one year. That is blackmail. Almost criminal. Website owners with no commercial intentions can never afford that. It directly affects the freedom of speech and is against the nature of the internet where everyone can self-publish whatever they want.

I was angry.

After little research I learned that one of the hosting companies I work with offers a hosting package for web shops that includes an SSL certificate. It was expensive, but I wanted to sell a digital product and thought this was a smart move.

Periodically check Costs and Performance of your Hosting Plans

It was. My product is still a hit, but the web host failed on me causing downtime and email problems. At the same time, I realized I needed SSL certificates for my other websites too.

Then I found the quick and simple, free solution. It is called Let’s Encrypt. A select group of rebel hosts make use of this loophole. The sophisticated code is a legal method to automatically generate and renew virtual SSL certificates.

It works awesome.

increase in visitors with https
Figure: Compare December 2017 with December 2018 to eliminate seasonal effects. It shows an 28 percent increase of website visitors for a domain were I enabled https first. This kind of growth would not have been possible without a SSL certificate.

I had to move all my hosted domains to a new provider, but it was well worth the effort. All set and done. For free.

I am a happy dude, with all my sites ranking better. Plus the hosting upgrade made my sites faster, and that was an unexpected side effect.

After enabling https for one of my sites, it was not that straightforward to observe changes in visitor numbers, because of the seasonal fluctuations in traffic for the specific niche as you can see in the figure above.

Compare December 2017 with December 2018. December is typically a good month. Just after enabling https I reached 29,625 views. One year later, an increase of over 28 percent was made towards 38,669 views.

Perhaps this growth can not entirely be explained by enabling encryption, but I am confident that it would never ever have been possible without the little lock in the browser.

Why would anyone ever want to pay for a SSL Certificate if there is a free solution?

Buy SSL certificates
The SSL Store has the single most complete overview of SSL Certificates that are available on the market right now. At the lowest prices.

When I heard about the booming business in SSL certificates I went like: “Huh, are these guys not bankrupt yet? How come?”.

Here is what Adam Thomson, Director of Digital Marketing of The SSL Store told me: “It depends on the situation and the needs of the particular webmaster. My experience has been that some hosts offer Let’s Encrypt, some don’t. Many of the web hosts that don’t offer Let’s Encrypt and are thriving, too. Even if the web host offers Let’s Encrypt, many webmasters still choose paid SSL certificates. ”

Ok. So when does a webmaster opt for a paid certificate? Adam gave me these nine reasons that I will summarize for you:

Nine reasons why to choose a paid SSL certificate

  • Show your company name in green browser bar
  • Have your organisation named in the certificate
  • Get yourself a warranty
  • Display the site seal and brand to increase customer trust
  • Stop manage and troubleshoot Let’s Encrypt or avoid a server migration
  • Get the support that comes with a paid certificate
  • Your client requires it
  • It is part of organizational Risk Management
  • Distrust in Let’s Encrypt because they issue certificates to everyone

The question is not if you need to have https enabled or not, but what type of certificate suits your business best. The free solution is with Let’s Encrypt, or one of the many paid options? Let’s have a look to see what types of SSL certificates there are…

Types of SSL certificates

Table: Types of SSL (Secured Sockets Layer) certificates by validation level and number of Secured Domains

Type Validation Level Verification Method How to Recognize
DV Domain Validation Domain owner verified by email (automated) https (padlock)
OV Organization Validation Manual review and verification https + name in certificate
EV Extended Validation Proof of registered company required https + name in certificate + green browser
Number of Domains Secured Domain Examples
Single Domain
Wildcard (Subdomains) or *
Multi-domain and and

When you browse through all the possible SSL certificates it may be overwhelming, but let’s keep things simple. As you can see in the table above there are three certification types: DV, OV and EV.


DV SSL certificate with let's encrypt
This website is secured with a simple (virtual) DV certificate using Let’s Encrypt on the server. As you can see, it has only https enabled and the padlock showing in your browser.
EV SSL certificate The SSL Store
On The SSL Store you will see the full company name displayed and country of registry. Rapid Web Services, LLC [US] is the legal entity behind the website. This is how to recognize an EV certificate.
  • DV stands for Domain Validation and does nothing more than confirm the owner’s email address end enabling a secured connection via https
  • OV is for Organization Validation and involves manually checking the company details by the Certification Authority (CA) and displaying these in the certificate for more trust
  • EV stands for Extended Validation where you need to prove with documentation that you actually have a registered company

That is is the most important. The rest is to spice things up a bit. Enabling sub domains, or multi domain package deals for large corporations are examples of adding value.

Choose a SSL Certification Authority

At The SSL Store you will find the single most complete overview of SSL Certificates that are available on the market right now. Because they buy in bulk, you will get your SSL certificate at a discounted rate, plus they are the most specialized one stop shop to go to.

I do not know much of the differences in quality between the brands. They all have a reputation to keep up and can count on the highest levels of consumer trust connected with their brand identities. I am talking about RapidSSL, GeoTrust, Thawte, Symantec and Comodo. The most trusted brands in website encryption. A site seal from one of these will without a doubt have a good effect on your website conversions.

Table: The most trusted SSL Certification Brands RapidSSL, GeoTrust, Thawte, Symantec and Comodo

SSL Certification Authority Products and Services Warranty (USD)
RapidSSL Simple and fast solution for a single domain or sub-domains $10K
GeoTrust All types of Certificates. Multi domain and wildcard available $500K ~ $1.5MM
Thawte All types of Certificates. Offers Code Signing Certificates too for software downloads $500K ~ $1.5MM
Symantec All types of Certificates. The most trusted brand according to The SSL Store $1.5MM ~ $1.75MM
Comodo All types of Certificates. The Largest Certification Authority. $10K ~ $1.75MM

How to order

Click on one of the links in the tables above to see the SSL certificates organised by Type, Number of Domains or Certification Authority or visit The SSL Store to save 40-70% on your SSL certificate. If you have some doubts on the technical implications, read on to find out how to get your certificate installed and HTTPS enabled.

How to Install

Now I am not too shy to edit a line of code, but I am no hard-core programmer either, more an implementer. In my experience, together with a hosting helpdesk, it is surprising how much things you can implement yourself or with a little help. Google is my friend here, and with a YouTube tutorial or two, anyone can get their SSL certificates to work.

If you have any doubts on the technical know how required to activate or set up your SSL certificate, know that you can count on the outstanding service of the people behind The SSL Store.

These people think in Website Security Solutions All Day Long. That is what they do. Adding the SSL installation service for 25 dollars to your shopping basket when you order your certificate is a no-brainer to me. Compare it with trying it yourself, or hiring a programmer at 40 USD per hour. I leave that up to you.

You can call 24/7. There is always someone to pick up the phone and not just any student, but the rare kind of tech people -the ones with people skills- who will help you out if you have any kind of questions whatsoever.

Full 30 day money back guarantee
And of course, yhey have a 30-day money back guarantee too. If for any reason, a technical issue or anything else, you are not satisfied in the first month, you will get a full return of your money. Stuff goes wrong in IT. Most of the time it can be solved in a matter of hours or days and in fact this is (for me, at least) part of the normal installation process. If it does not work out, you can try your SSL certificate at no risk at all with the 100% satisfaction guarantee of The SSL Store.

Considering all this. For me as a blogger and small site owner, Let’s Encrypt is still the best solution. For the time being that is. Did you do the math?

P.S. With The SSL Store you get the Cheapest SSL Certificate. Guaranteed! In case you spot a cheaper offer, just send the url of the lower-priced certificate and they will not only match it, but they will beat the offer.