How to install a SSL certificate to upgrade you WordPress site to https ?

Do you wonder how to install a SSL certificate to upgrade you WordPress site to https and get that fancy green lock in your browser? I did not care too much about that. It was something for web shops. This year something changed. Google started punishing websites that do not have encryption and are accessible through the old fashioned http by displaying them below all https results. And that hurts.

The thing is that a certificate costed money, and it was complicated to install one. Not all hosts support https on a budget shared hosting account, so not only was it necessary to buy a certificate, also you have to switch of hosts and that costs time, trouble, and usually you have to pay more to access the higher service level hosting.

For the large part that is just as it is. Moving your website to another hosts that offers SSL certificates probably is the best solution. There is just one cool development to mention here, and that is the possibility to encrypt your website for free! Using lets encrypt at least you do not have to pay for the certificate. I will not go into the technical details here, because I hardly grasp the functionality behind it, but the important thing is that some hosts do work with this loop hole in the costly SSL certificate business.

For myself I set up a new server to hosts my own WordPress websites and for the lucky few clients that have a full service agreement, I am migrating their websites as well to enable https free of charge. If you have a WordPress site and wonder if you need to install a SSl certificate there is more news to consider. WordPress has warned that some plugins may stop working properly without https in 2018.

I better continue getting my sites done… You better ask you host now how to obtain an SSL certificate and if the answer is not satisfying start packing.

ExpoCruz 2017

This week from 22 of September until next Sunday 1st of October is the 42 edition being held of the largest tradeshow in the wide region around Bolivia in one of the most existing and fast growing cities of South America, Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Expocruz once started as just another trade show for agriculture, now has the most wide range of exhibitors and attracts thousand’s of visitors in a ten days during festival.

Still there is the auction center with impressive bulls, but the crowd mostly comes to watch VIP’s and to be seen themselves. You can enjoy several stages with music ranging from folklore to stunning DJ’s hitting it hard. Watch the latest 2018 model cars, trucks and industry equipment and several other entertaining attractions brought by top brands with great offers.

Now that is just outside. The international convention center of Santa Cruz is as large as twenty blocks with a dozen or more pavilions. Five international pavilions including China, Brazil and Argentina. A food court, the regional Santa Cruz pavilion and the national exhibitors of Bolivia. United states and the European Union also each have their building. It is hardly possible to see all in just one evening.

Inside the EU building there’s a mix of commercial boots and embassies representing their national businesses and organizations. At the stand of the Netherlands you find information about the top sectors sustainable agriculture, water, energy and transport. Make inquiries for anything that may be related to Dutch cooperation or business development. Meet here with representatives of several Dutch companies that currently have a presence in Bolivia.

Opening hours: 18.00 – 24.00 (weekend 17:00 – 00.30)
Entrance: 50 Bs (~ 7,20 USD)
Children 6-12: 25 Bs (~ 3,10 USD)
Location: International Convention Center of Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Updated Contact Details

I just changed my contact details because we moved from Costa Rica to Bolivia. That was quit some trip. It took almost two months to get fully settled, but here I am in my new home office. All you need is a laptop? Well, stable internet is pretty useful too. That is why I spent some time in Starbucks last weeks.

I have lot’s of things to tell, too much to share at once. I’ll just start with getting those blogs coming again and week by week you will find out about all new endeavors.