Google Ads in Bolivia #Expocruz2019

Dropping the hashtag #Expocruz2019 for business owners who are looking to do business in Bolivia.

I am preparing an exclusive promo for an Google Ads Account Audit for Expositors at the trade convention that will take place from 20 – 29 September 2019 in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.

Perhaps you will receive my letter. If you have trouble understanding Spanish, than definitely you will need my help to get things going in Bolivia.

Let me help you expand your business in Bolivia and / or Latin America as your personal Google Ads Account Manager.

Enjoy the Expo.

Free Publicity

Dear Friend,

Today I am an early riser. Normally I wake up with an alarm at six and must force myself to get up, but now I cannot sleep and I silently sneaked out of bed to make sure no-one wakes up in the house.

My mind is boiling with ideas and things that I need to get down on paper, so here we go.

It is thief’s hour. Between 03.00 and 04.00 everybody sleeps, accept thieves. And bakers. And me.

Free publicity

Currently, I have three businesses going on. The first is my advertising agency, Houdyk. The second is

NCFI stands for Nederlands Centrum voor Financiële Informatie (Dutch Centre for Financial Information) and here is where I sell a handful of digital products. This business now generates enough passive income to live from!

My third endeavour is “Termitero” a bioconstruction company. Honestly, I am just building my own house, but I have the ambition that this will become a first project of many more to come. Therefore, I am documenting everything to generate promotional materials.

This is the first time I created the Facebook page before I had a live website. I made sure to have the domain registered (still in development) but things happen on Facebook here.

A few months back, in December, I organised a workshop where we invited a bioconstruction specialist to teach us how to build with Hiperadobe. This earth bag building technique is developed in Brazil and is a tropicalization of Superadobe. Hiperadobe involves mesh tubular bags instead of polypropylene bags.

In short, we are 3d printing our house with huge earth filled sausages.

We are the first doing so in Bolivia. My advertisement on Facebook to promote our workshop called the attention of a reporter. This week, our building project was featured in a respected magazine for architects and engineers. And we are not even half way through the build!

That is something cool happening. Free publicity is super powerful.

The potential of advertising

What happened yesterday shocked even me. It was almost scary. I have experienced the true power of advertising.

Let me show you what happened.

My workers never show up. Because we are not continuously working at the building site and most people prefer to work full time, it is hard to find people.

That is what I thought until now.

The day before yesterday I created an ad.

I will translate it for you:

Construction Worker Wanted
Do you need work? If you have the right attitude and want to learn a new building technique this is for you.
Send me a message now at WhatsApp: 123456789

It was distributed in a radius of 2 kilometres (1.24 mile) without any additional filters. Not age or gender. Just distance relative to the work site.

These are the results.

It is in Spanish, but we all speak in dollars. Twenty-five cents of a dollar. That is what I spent before to pause the ad with 238 persons reached in paid traffic. Organically it reached another 100 people more.

That may not seem like a lot. But I have received 24 job applicants using Facebook. When I woke up yesterday, I had another dozen or so people sending me messages via WhatsApp and during the day I received many phone calls too.

People are lining up to get to work.

I realized two things here. First, I realized what is the potential of advertising. In a way, it became so overwhelming I could not handle all of the incoming messages and calls. Imagine creating such frenzy for a product you sell.

Secondly. There seems to be a huge opportunity for employment agencies in Bolivia. Perhaps elsewhere too, using this simple method. As far as I know there are no employment agencies here.

Everyday opportunities present themselves. Too many to act upon, so that is why I share some of the things that I notice with you. Who knows, you might be interested to take a chance on it.

Note: This blog was published first in the may edition of The Power of Micropayments. So now and then I will select featured content to keep sharing with my blog readers what I’m up to. If you want to read it all, and be one of the few I will share more sensitive tactics with. Join me, and Feel the Power for Yourself.


Bolivia? WOW.

An often-heard response when I tell people where I live. It is called geo-arbitrage…

One of the many benefits of creating a stream of micropayments large enough to live from, is that you can choose to live anywhere you want.

Most would prefer any place with palm trees and where the cost of living is low. Others would prefer to follow their loved ones wherever they go, or in my case, it is both.

Simple self-hosted cash flow creation

I am sharing everything I learned thus far about how to create a self-hosted “money making machine” using simple open source tools, and free software that is super accessible to everyone.

Perhaps you might think that such guides are available already. Correct. But anything based on something that worked five years ago is outdated. It has become so easy now to generate an extra source of income, that I could literally set up such a system in one morning and have my first payment coming in under 24 hours.

I will tell you exactly how I set up my first successful ‘money printer’. While I am drafting and editing all this, I will tell you about it, like I am doing now, and tell you as well -right next- what I am doing today to promote it, and other facts that might be useful for anyone interested in creating some extra income, or better, becoming financially independent.

Never seen before

I published the very first edition of my manual, guide or whatever I am going to call it. The most extreme level of a minimum viable product I could imagine was an empty blank page in pdf. And so I did. I am selling you an empty sheet of paper. Print it out if you like. You should frame it. To remind you that words can sell everything.

This beautiful clean slate is symbolic for a new start. Similar in the way that I created my first digital product a few years ago. First it was an empty sheet, now people are glad to pay me for it. Every single day again.

Now this empty sheet that I am selling you today is not worthless. Not at all. It comes with a title and a promise. The title is “The Power of Micropayments”. The promise is that you will get every future edit of the file by e-mail, without further charge.

Before I will tell you about the price of this never seen before offer, I want to tell what I heard today. I told my wife about my ridiculous product and how I was convinced that no one ever has done something like this before. She told a friend, and guess what? Her friend once saw a book titled (I translate) “What men think about after having sex”.

The book is a nice hard cover edition and numbers just over 300 pages. Guess what? All 317 pages are white! Imagine. Someone is making money out of an empty book! People buy it as a joke, a little gimmick as a birthday present, or for a smile and a log under the Christmas tree.

That Xmas reference is a bit out of season, but do you get the point?

Now back to my offer.

Limited access Facebook group

I am selling this lifetime subscription at the most ridiculous price I could ever think of. I will send you every addition to the file which I intend to send on a monthly basis as a subscription. Free of charge.

Furthermore, I invite you to join my new Facebook group with the same title you can find at

Here like-minded people are free to share there experiences, struggles and successes in building our fully or semi-automated micropayment processors.

I personally will help each of you with troubleshooting for as far as my ability goes and while I can handle it myself. Therefore, this group may be open to the public only for a short time.
I am looking forward to the moment where I must limit access or hire someone to help with the support. Perhaps some of you will be willing to earn something extra doing so.

When I moved abroad to follow my expat wife to the tropics of South and Central America, getting location independent work was one of the first priorities to me to be able to live somewhere.
Now that still is important to me but having passive income from digital products gives me much more flexibility and freedom. If I wanted, I could stop working and survive rather well.

I do like to eat slightly more than peanut butter sandwiches, so there is more to it than that. But certainly, it is comforting knowing that people are buying my stuff while I sleep.

Why you should buy my guide today

I am doubling the price of the lifetime subscription to ‘The Power of Micropayments’ every month around the 1st.

Similar courses, guides, training material or manuals (I still am not sure what best describes it) are selling for hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Insane pricing

The value of acquiring the knowledge, on how to build and own your own extra income generator depends only on the limitations of your ambition. It probably is 10 times, or even 100 times more than the highest price you will ever pay for this.

I do have a maximum price in mind. You know, greed is bad guidance on which to make financial decisions. I do want to share this with as many people as possible, but I am not a philanthropist.
To give you the opportunity to access this material -where I am going to put in everything it takes- for you to get your product out there, you need to decide quickly.

I started to sell this at 1 cent of a dollar in April 2019.

If you read this today, see for yourself what the current pricing is here.

Something else, not sure if I should share this

I promised I also tell you a bit more about what I do today. As a direct marketer I work a lot with Google Ads. Last week I became a Google Partner.

Now. I am not sure if I should tell you this. I went to the local post office to find out why my mail is not arriving in my PO box. Buy coincidence I found out there was a HUGE pile of mail from Google that was never delivered. That I could go through it and pick out a few leads was of interest to me. In fact, this pile of undelivered mail is worth a lot to me. All local businesses showing their interest in Google services and nobody attending them.

This feels like hitting the jack pot. Or finding a gold nugget in a coal mine.
This is just another signal for me to open my eyes and start acquiring local clients in a virtual virgin market. Perhaps I am wrong, but I have a feeling funny thing are going to happen. I am even considering advertising in the local newspaper.

I think I should create some Spanish landing pages to my site and see where things go.

I am curious to learn where you are at right now.