Houdyk Becomes Google Partner in 14 Months

Now that came as a surprise! I assumed it was on a 18-month track.

14 months ago (To be more precise on 8 of February 2018) I created my first ever Google Adwords ad. Today Google’s advertising platform is called Google Ads, and I am creating and improving ads on a daily basis.

I guess I have found a thing here.

So well, to get to the point. Today I opened my email and saw this:

Say What! I am a Google Partner… Something to celebrate.

That is a whole lot faster than I thought it would be. So, from now on you will see a shiny little Google Partner Badge on my website. When you hover over the 3 dots you will see Houdyk’s specializations.

None. That’s funny.

It seems that my Search Certificate has expired. Something to get up-to-date before my Badge becomes invalid again. That would be a bummer.

Always something to improve.

Google Partner Bolivia
Ha! That’s cool. Houdyk is Google Partner. I guess there are not that much in Bolivia.

The BIG Question is. Will this actually get me more clients? Does anybody care about a badge today?

Time will tell!

Jeroen Houdijk

Houdyk – Google Partner
Santa Cruz, Bolivia

PS. I wonder how many Google Partners are based in Bolivia. The reason why is that I got connected to a Google call center in Peru, or was it Chile, the other day. Google is not that present here. So perhaps that is something I might change.

How to become a Google Partner? Fast track to become one.

Google Ads Certified Consultant
After successful completion of the Google Ads Display Assessment this hurrah message pops up.

Things are going well with Google Ads consulting. After I obtained my Google Adwords Search certificate more jobs came my way and I steadily start building a portfolio of clients. I have to be selective in accepting new clients, to meet my Agency Goals of Advertising for Sustainable Businesses.

Yes. I recently upgraded my Upwork profile to Agency. How exited is that. Google is ‘just one’ channel for advertising. It is an important one. The thought came up to become google partner. It keeps popping up. So well, before I knew I found myself on the fast track to become a Google Partner.

What do I need to do to get my Google Partner Badge?

Getting certified for a couple of specializations is one of the requirements. Well, so far I passed my Fundamental Exam, and Search too. Merely because clients requested it I learned all about Display Advertising too. Here is my Google Ads Display Certificate. It is valid one year.

  • Google Ads Certification
  • Managed Ad Spent has to be over 10.000 USD in the past three months
  • Client retention and meet performance

Just as easy as 123 Isn’t it?

In your Google Ads Manager Dashboard you can see if you meet all requirements. I recently met the second requirement of ad spent too, so now it is just wait and see. Continue to show steady growth and deliver awesome improvements on the results for my clients.

How long will this take you recon? Future will tell!

Google AdWords Search Certified Professional

At least untill 3th of April 2019. I may oficially call myself a Google Adwords Search Certified professional. I was awarded with the certificate after passing the AdWords Fundamentals and Search Advertising assessments. Since January 2018 these Google certificates are issued by Googles Acedemy for Ads.

Why did I want to become certified?

It requires certain investment of time to study the course materials – and skill set – to be able to pass first the Fundamentals and later the Search exam. There are no exam fees whatsover, but still. Basically I had to because you required me to have an Adwords Search Certification. About half of the job postings related with Google Adwords on Upwork ask specificaly for certified professionals. Also, to keep myself sharp it is good to keep learning!

So, what is next?

When creating my google partner profile I noticed that the only publicity about my Certification I can make is sharing my certificates. That is about it. If I want to use a google partner badge, I need to meet several additonal requirements. One of these is registering my company as a candidate to become an official Google Partner. To become a Google Partner, you need to show expertise in various advertising fields and a 3 month ad spent of at least 10.000 usd.

If things go well this may be something to opt for.

My Google Adwords Search Certification

AdWords Search Certificate valid trough 4/3/2019
For now passing the first assessments to obtain my Google Adwords Search Certification is fine enough. This will help me manage more Google Adwords accounts and build my portfolio as advertising professional.

You can hire me directly to manage your Google Awords Campaign or use the Upwork escrow platform to handle the administration.

I noticed there were some words left to reach 300 in this posts wordcount. I am not always going to be compliant, but it would be nice if this message gets indexed well. Because even though Advertising is great, there is nothing like good old Organic Traffic.