Houdyk Becomes Google Partner in 14 Months

Now that came as a surprise! I assumed it was on a 18-month track.

14 months ago (To be more precise on 8 of February 2018) I created my first ever Google Adwords ad. Today Google’s advertising platform is called Google Ads, and I am creating and improving ads on a daily basis.

I guess I have found a thing here.

So well, to get to the point. Today I opened my email and saw this:

Say What! I am a Google Partner… Something to celebrate.

That is a whole lot faster than I thought it would be. So, from now on you will see a shiny little Google Partner Badge on my website. When you hover over the 3 dots you will see Houdyk’s specializations.

None. That’s funny.

It seems that my Search Certificate has expired. Something to get up-to-date before my Badge becomes invalid again. That would be a bummer.

Always something to improve.

Google Partner Bolivia
Ha! That’s cool. Houdyk is Google Partner. I guess there are not that much in Bolivia.

The BIG Question is. Will this actually get me more clients? Does anybody care about a badge today?

Time will tell!

Jeroen Houdijk

Houdyk – Google Partner
Santa Cruz, Bolivia

PS. I wonder how many Google Partners are based in Bolivia. The reason why is that I got connected to a Google call center in Peru, or was it Chile, the other day. Google is not that present here. So perhaps that is something I might change.

Scientific Copy writing & Scientific Advertising

I am taking a quick break now from my Scientific Copy writing to write about Scientific Advertising. Currently I am finishing my thesis were I write about farming systems, value chains and strategic planning. Interesting topics for some other time perhaps.

scientific_advertisingI should put some attention to my Research Gate profile. If you have not heard about RG, it is a social network for scientists. Scientists are on Research Gate, not on LinkedIn. When you ask one (they are actually very kind people, but usually keep secret what they are working on), they think business people do not waste time on social network sites. Anyone tested that hypothesis?

In science, every word is weighed, just as copywriters do. In stead of now I’m just typing freely this little blog post update, I will skip the editing for today. Hope you’ll understand.

So, basically I am busy, but that did not keep me from having someone make a logo-icon for my personal finance sites in good old reliable blue. The winning color after months of A/B testing. Also, I had a book cover design done by some other guy on fiverr. If you want to learn about AB or split testing, read-this-book.

scientific_advertising_houdyk_250And. As I even took 15 minutes to write this little update. Just to keep practicing on writing, good or bad, and letting you know what I’m up to.

Because obviously copy writing is not my field of expertise, and I have lots of stuff to do, I will be inviting guest authors to write comments on their favorite chapter of Scientific Advertising, putting the timeless knowledge in a modern context. Click on the little book tumbnail, or here, to subscribe to my updates and receive your copy of Scientific Advertising for free. If you have something to say about it, are an expert in any of the topics described in the book or if you know someone who may bet interested in some free publicity and cross pollinating exposure, do not hesitate to let me know!