We are ordinary business… before we even started

We are in the so-called alpha or pre-launch phase. That may sound interesting, but it means that lots of work is being done, without any money coming in. Not such a good business.

In this phase many start-ups try to find funding with angle investors (venture backed start-up) but that comes at the price of giving away equity. Interesting, but for now the focus is on product development and getting to know the market demands in dept.

About 1,5 year in already. Exactly the time I spend expanding my knowledge and expertise on organisational management with a sustainability focused MBA. The launch or Beta phase will be early 2017. After my graduation in December.


Last year I did this B-assessment. A quick impact assessment to measure the impact of my business. B-corps were 20.000 plus back than in numbers. My score was 22/200.

Today there are over 40.000 B-corps and several connected initiatives in other parts of the world. My score today in the self-assessment was 52/200. Wohoo. We are ordinary business now.


A long way to go the qualify as sustainable business, or even become a B-Corp. Perhaps the first customer would be a more important goal to strive for. Nevertheless, the idea to evaluate your impact on a regular basis is something I can only underline. Let’s stay sharp.

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