The Backbone Backlog

The one and only reason for posting this message is to publish my idea for the name of Backbone Management System updates. “The Backbone Backlog”.

A Backlog is a list of features that will be implemented in a software program. A prioritized things to do list. Priority zero (0) features are essential and must be present in the first shipment. Prio one (1) are the features that directly provide added value for the users or have to do with the security of the system. Priority two (2) features are of value to specific user groups and do not have the highest urgency. Prio three (3) features are nice to haves and priority (4) features will probably never make it.

At this moment I am developing the first live prototype, with some of the prio (0) features; User accounts, Document Management and versioning, continual improvement.

In this weblog I will publish development updates, and give insight in the backlog features with their timeline. For now, just a snapshot. Soon, a live alpha version!

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