Mindmap and Youtube Video Channel

Last week I’ve uploaded two new video’s. In the first video, I explain How and why I use a Mindmap to set the outline for my youtube channel content. In this Mindmap video, I found four key themes that lead to Online Software for Environmental Business. For each topic I created a separate playlist and one playlist to list all the video’s together.

High Level Structure

The second video is about the new ISO High Level Structure. An interpretation of the Annex SL were the new default structure for standards is presented. Here I show the basics of the PLUGIN model for Environmental, Quality and Health & Safety Standards.

YouTube Channel

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel for videos related with Environment, Business, Software- and Web- Development. The following video’s are new this week;

This week Stats

  • Channel video’s: 7
  • Play lists: 5
  • Subscribers: 3
  • Total views: 103
  • Most views per video: 30
  • Running: Swimming: 15 lines

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