Development news of Backbone Management System

After the initial contacts with experts and important players in field of compliance management I had end of 2015, the list of potential features for the Integrated Management System kept growing and growing. Sketches of the solutions have been made and I am working on a conceptual model, as a working prototype, before to get back to potential users. For now I thinks it is about time for an update and share some thoughts;

Because my enrollment in a master program (MBA-sustainability) and family planning the development of Backbone Management System came to the background for some months. In the meanwhile the functionality needs for the software become more and more clear. Recent publications and investigations are helping a lot on defining key-features.

One of the things that may come out first is the clickable-grid navigation functionality as a stand alone web application. The development of this webapp has a shorter expected production cycle and it is important to start to work with a (paying) user group.

smplarge Also, I am reaching out to sustainability management professionals on LinkedIn to get in contact with persons with expertise in the implementation of integrated sustainability practices and, lets be honest, potential customers.

Linkedin Group: Sustainability Management Professionals

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