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Scientific research shows that process based design of Integrated Management Systems is essential to design a system that will be adopted by all users in an organization. Therefore, I started looking for ways to implement a process based navigation structure.

Here an example of a clickable image, because great programs to create flowcharts already exist, I do not want to create a heavy duty flow chart creator. Just use Visio, Lucid Chart, Publisher, or Photoshop. Imagine this; You choose you’re favorite program to draw your organogram, or process scheme (even sketch by hand if you prefer). Than you upload your personalized scheme and make it clickable to navigate the backbone management system.

Now this is a neat feature and the concept above is proof of functionality. If you like this feature or have any comments please let me know. Now there are a whole of a lot technical details to discuss on how and were to host the image in a secure way and how to automatize the creation of the navigation image, but this little proof of concept I wanted to share already.

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  1. Fully responsive clickable image it is. Works fine on tablet as well thanks to a javascript plugin. This means that the html image map coordinates from the links are converted into a percentage of the image size, to ensure always the right match with the corresonding selected area in the picture.

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