Advertising with Google Ads

Google, part of Alphabet Inc. has become impossible to ignore when it comes to online advertising. Because of their No. 1 search engine they dominate not only organic search, but paid advertisements that show up next to, or above the search results as well.

Google’s advertising program extends to a vast network of publishers using Google Adsense to monetize their websites. The ads you see in Youtube? Google. Gmail ads? Obvious, Google as well.

Since 2015 Alphabet, Google’s holding, is listed on NASDAQ as: GOOG. Google, founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin has become an multinational of monstrous proportions with a wide range of services and products.

Here, we will zoom in only on the advertising programs, formerly known as Google Adwords, since 2018 called Google Ads, and directly related services.

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Advertising with Google
Advertising with Google Ads is the most effective method to get people to visit your website or web shop.