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You offer something unique. A product or service no one else provides in the way you do it. Or you are the first in your area to do so.

What you do is profitable. The only thing lacking is more clients.

That is where I come in.

When your business is not as profitable as you would like to see, there is even more reason to break it down.

Like no one else I get to the essence of what it is that makes your ‘thing’ special.


And countless hours of testing and tweaking Pay Per Click ads have made me into a powerful asset when it comes to advertising your business.

You should know I invested heavily in understanding all the ins and outs of the Google Ads platform, formerly known as Google AdWords.

Before that, I sold Ad space as website publisher via Google AdSense. Now, I have learned many secrets of the other side of PPC Advertising.

I am certified with Google for Search, Display and Shopping Ads and successfully completed the advanced Google Analytics training too. I became a Top-Rated freelancer at Upwork, and in less than two years, became Google Partner for Google Ads with my agency Houdyk.

I am doing well, working happily with a handful of loyal clients.

What clients say

It was a pleasure working with Jeroen Houdijk, he gives good feedback on work done and does the the job 100%. Customers are satisfied with his work (and so are we) We will hire him in the future again, thanks for your work Jeroen.

Thank you Jeroen! Perfect and in-time work, easy communication, always reachable. I hope we soonly work together again. Highly recommended!

Jeroen, have done a good job for this Adwords campaign, and he delivered the work on time. I recommend working with him.

It was our first experience on Upwork. Jeroen was a great choice! we are happy first of all with communication. Very polite, understanding, patient. We are based in Dubai and we had 8 hours difference. However, Jeroen was always responsive. good content, excellent English. It was a smooth cooperation.

Drop a line, catch a lead

I am living and working in Bolivia. Costs of living is relatively low, and the weather is nice. Sadly, due to a family emergency, we had to fly to Europe for a couple of weeks with my loved ones. I am glad we were able to, but the $4.632,50 in ticket costs, virtually took all our savings.

I need to step things up a little, to ensure my income for basic food and shelter. I must acquire some new clients. Personally, I can manage another 3 to 5 accounts one more account this month January, therefore I did what I do best, and dropped a few lines of ad copy to promote my very own service!

Why didn’t I do this before? I guess sometimes the need must be strong enough for the obvious to see.
So here I am, offering you the very best of Google Ads Management.

Google Ads Management – practical notes

To work as efficient as possible, I do not waste time sending bills. Of course, I do not work for free, but I use a third party called “Upwork” to handle all the administrative hassle. You probably know how time consuming it can be to go after pending bills.

Normally, Upwork fees are between ten and twenty percent, but for clients I introduce to the platform, no charges apply. Anyway, for you no costs are involved, and your money is guaranteed in escrow with this trusted payment processor until my work has been reviewed.

Most often I work on an hourly basis (my current rate is $39,95), using the time tracking app for you to have insight in the progress. We could also agree on a fixed fee if it involves a onetime project.

I write a simple report on a weekly basis, and keep track of the account performance in an excel sheet. Nothing fancy. Do not expect shiny graphs, but hard results instead.

Google Ads Management as a Service

Update – 31st January 2020

Now listen. I hear sometimes people have some doubts when it comes to paying an hourly fee. For one-time projects I simply have to charge like that. But when it comes to long term Google Ads Management I would like to propose this:

A flat monthly fee of $99 for google Ads management as a service.

Picture that it will costs me at least five hours to set up your account, and afterwards an hour or two per week. In the first month you would spent 5 x $39.95 = $ 199.75 for set up. In the three following weeks 3 x $79,90 = $ 239.70 for optimization. That is $439.45 in total.

I understand that just over four-hundred bucks out of pocket expenses might be a lot compared to ad spent. Therefore I assume the set up costs and charge just a flat fee of 2,5 hours maintenance fee per month.

In reality, I probably spent some more time on your account, but I am confident I will show you results, and know you will want to stay a long time with me. That is why I can make you this one time offer. It is so fresh, I did not even set up a payment module on my website. But I am sure we will work something out. I plan to accept payments on my site in the coming days.

Google Ads Management – last remarks

If I am not optimizing Google Ads, it is most likely that I am drafting a sales page, such as this one. My work requires extreme concentration; therefore, I cannot allow distractions from social media, email, or collaboration tools. I do check my messages every other day, so no worry, I will come back to you soon, to schedule a call, or get started right away.

When you see this page, you know I am still available.

Let’s talk.

Jeroen Houdijk
Google Ads Account Manager

P.S. The fastest way to get in touch with me is by email via, or fill in the form below. Basically it is the same. I just hate it when I can not find someones email address so now you know mine.

P.P.S. Here is the link to my Upwork profile Create your account and place your job offer in private.

P.P.P.S. To discuss your Google Ads account in our first call, please forward you Google Ads account ID in advance, so I can request access, and have a brief look.

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