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Houdyk is online since 2009. In 2023 our focus is to scale up sustainable businesses. We use advertising combined with organic growth strategies to help fellow sustainable business owners to scale up their impact.

Houdyk Advertising AgencyWe are in a transition from a small evolving business, to become a medium sized digital marketing agency – with increasing positive impact. We contribute to a better world, by enabeling others to do so. Mostly in Europe.

Moving forward we want to expand our services to help more international clients. No matter the language or the geographic region.

Do you have a business with a more than average interest in maintaining a healthy triple bottemline? Are you ready to Scale Up?

Than it might be a perfect fit.

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Fully remote team. We have a small core group of 4-5 specialists of all relevant fields in digital marketing (such as seo-copywriting, ppc-management, website development, graphic design, and social media marketing) working on in house projects. Ready to step in to help new clients.

Besides our core team, there is a vast network of freelancers we work with on a regular basis. For hiring we use platforms such as Upwork, Proxify and Fiverr PRO.

Online since 2009

Houdyk.com as a website is online since 2009. From the start it was related with online sales. The very first version was about selling digital images. In 2010 and 2011 it was used to showcase and sell classic car brochures.

Houdyk was registerred as a business name in 2011. The unique spelling of this six letter.com domain originated from the way J.C. Houdijk wrote his name on his duffel bag, when he travelled the world as a marine. This beautifully reflects the international ambition an holistic world view of Houdyk.

Website development was the first b2b service offered. From 2018 onward the focus shifted to online advertising with google ads. As a freelancer Jeroen build a strong portfolio with PPC Advertising clients.

With more and more clients demanding SEO services, in 2020 and 2021 Houdyk gradually developped into a full service digital marketing agency with a core group of marketing specialists, looking forward to enable more sustainable businesses to scale up, to maximize positive impact.

houdyk name
This is how my grandfather wrote his name on his duffel bag, when he travelled the world as a marine.



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