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Jeroen Houdijk
Jeroen Houdijk – This photo was taken end of 2016 in Costa Rica, in the last days of the Professional Master Program I graduated from in CATIE.

My twitter says I am a top rated web content specialist at the Upwork freelance platform and a management system auditor too. I am developing Backbone Management System, a hosted Intranet Solution, and this is my contact and reference site.

What I do today is Copywriting and in house Web Development. Also, I work on backbone.ms, a subscription based Software as a Service (SaaS) business. I am a Dutch environmental engineer. Since a few years living abroad in Central- and South America. Currently based in Bolivia.

This description above may change now and then, but anything is better than opening your website with the uttermost boring words ‘Welcome to my website’.

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  • Managed Hosting for WordPress and Intranet
  • Corporate Web Content and Internet Marketing
  • Integrated Management Systems: Set up & Audits

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Jeroen Houdijk

My grandfather travelled the world as marine. His name – spelled with an Y – on the duffle bag I inherited, was the only six letter .com domain available compared with all other words written on anything in my apartment. Including the dictionary. A unique brand name with a history.

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